Top Reasons to Visit Dubai Now: Dubai travel guide 2021

November 9, 2021

Whenever you go, you can count on sunshine and warm weather. But Dubai is about much more than year-round sun. It’s the kind of place where gourmet restaurants seem to multiply every week. From the sushi at Blue Jade to the stunning Indian dishes at Amal, every cuisine seems represented.

If you want to experience a desert adventure, you can hire ferrari Dubai or any 4×4 vehicles. If you want to play golf every day at challenging courses, you can. If you just want to shop for luxury goods, there’s no better place than the Dubai Mall. You can even spend the day snowboarding if that’s what you desire.

Dubai caters for everyone – with shopping, sports, and cultural attractions that place it right at the top of the global vacation league. Don’t miss out.

What to do in Dubai
1. Go On a Shopping Adventure at Dubai Mall
Shopping is one of Dubai’s obsessions, and the many malls draw visitors from across the world to stock up on duty-free clothing, perfume, and jewelry. The best place to look for bargains is Dubai Mall, underneath the Burj Khalifa tower, which is crammed with major international brands.

2. Watch a Camel Race
Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Dubai is a desert city until, that is, you happen upon a camel race. During the winter months, head to the Camel Race Track on Thursdays and Fridays for a truly unique afternoon of racing action.

3. Book a Dune Safari
The desert isn’t far away from the center of Dubai, and it offers some superb recreational opportunities. The most exciting of all is dune bashing, which entails driving 4x4s, dune buggies and quad bikes over the dunes and combining the action with evenings of home cooking and music. Check out the tours provided by the expert guides at Desert Safari Dubai.

4. Play Some Golf in the Desert
Dubai has turned itself into Asia’s golfing capital, hosting the Dubai Desert Classic every year at the Emirates Golf Club. The city is full of superb courses like the Montgomerie Dubai, the Els Club and Arabian Ranches and green fees are reasonable at almost all of them.

5. Head to the Souk to Haggle for a Bargain
Historic Dubai has attractions of its own, and the most fascinating of all are the bustling souks (markets) in Deira. Head to the Spice Souk to smell and see the colors of the region’s famous spices, see the glimmering jewelry in the Gold Souk, or haggle for scents in the Perfume Souk. There isn’t a more exotic and magical way to shop.

How to Get to Dubai
Dubai International Airport is about 3 miles east of the city itself, so it’s fairly close to most hotels. After you touch down, the quickest way to reach the center of town is to take the Dubai Metro, which stops at Terminals 1 and 3. To use the Metro, you will need to purchase a Nol card. Go for the Red Card option, which costs AED 2, which will give you ten trips over a 24 hour period and can be topped up at vending machines around the city. Alternatively, you can take taxis from the airport, which should cost around AED 25.

Some visitors to Dubai arrive from the neighboring Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Oman, and Sharjah. If this is the case, you can easily reach Dubai with a rental car.

Dubai is linked to all of the major cities in the United Arab Emirates via the Emirates Express bus system. Buses from Abu Dhabi cost AED 25, while the fare from Sharjah is around AED 7. Buses arrive every hour during the day from both cities.

Where to Stay in Dubai
Dubai boasts a huge choice of hotels, with differing price levels to suit almost any budget. If you want a cheaper option in an atmospheric community, the Al Uruba Hotel in Deira is a good choice. The Youth Hostel on Al Nahda Rd is another good budget option that is popular with students and backpackers. For more up-market accommodation, check out the self-catering properties at Clover Creek Hotel Apartments or the Crowne Plaza, which has a luxury shopping mall directly connected to its lobby.

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