Modern Technology and Agriculture

November 19, 2019

Technology has been playing a major role in the field of agricultural developments and the new innovations that are very beneficial.

Modern technology has played a great role in the enhancement of Agricultural industry. In the past, it was difficult to survive in agriculture as there were no proper facilities and the development in industry was low. As the technology has enhanced in the present, new developments have been made in an agriculture sector. Agricultural biotechnology has been introduced which helped in the crops to grow in desert areas. Modern technology has eased the life of farmers by introducing mobile apps through which the farmers can calculate the quantity of grass present in their field and what to feed animals at what time. Due to modern apps, time and cost of farmers have been reduced to minimum. Customers don’t have to go to farmers and place their orders, instead they can place their order online and farmers can work on the order right away. The growth of crops has been made healthier by utilizing nanotechnology in agriculture sector. Diseases are reduced to a great extent with the usage of pesticides and fertilizers at suitable times in the fields. There are several usages of technology in agriculture field as some farmers use it for marketing of crops and some use it for production purposes.

Development in Agriculture:

GPS Technology:
In agriculture, location access of the fields has been effective and more valued with the use of Global Positioning System. This technology includes the usage of farm planning, Soil sampling, field and yield mapping. In conditions, such as rain, fog, dust and darkness, when there is no visibility of the farm, then the GPS technology is used to locate the farms with proper view access.

Soil and Water Sensors:
These sensors have made life of farmer much easier as proper planning can be done based on the condition of crops. Soil and water sensors when placed in the field, can detect watering situation, nitrogen, and moisture levels. It is easier to control the availability of resources based on the conditions of crops. These sensors are beneficent at an economic level, as they are cheap to buy for farmers with low-income and they can be used in an effective manner.

Agricultural Robots:
In modern technology, Robots have been developed for agricultural purposes. A robot measures range for the growth of plants from seeds in an effective manner. Labor work of farmers is reduced with the usage of these robots and efficient results are obtained.

Minichromosomal Technology:
Mini chromosomes are utilized in agricultural field which resulting in the production of better quality crops. This technology produces crops genetically free from diseases and lack of nutrition. The process of the growth of plants is fast and production is made at a lower cost.

Cooling Facilities:
Farmers transport plants and crops with cooling facilities in the trucks such that the vegetables and crops delivered remain fresh. The customers are satisfied as the crops are fresh and demand of farmer becomes high in the market such that the business of farmer rises to a higher level

Modern Technology has made life of the farmers easier by introducing agricultural technologies for them. By utilizing these technologies, farmers can save their time, energy and produce crops of better quality. Digitalized apps are used by farmers such that that they can handle their orders online with the customers in a short time and in more effective way. Such technologies help farmers to improve the visibility of farms by using navigation Locators. Production of genes of plants are introduced which are free from diseases and resistant to pests. Sensors, Nanotechnology, GPS, and other technologies are used for different purposes helping the farmers to develop a better plan for the crops and to manage the available resources in an effective way. Cost of the agricultural technologies is quite reasonable for farmers with low wages. Intelligence programmed machineries provide the best results to the farmers in a minimum time and increase the growth rate of crops.

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