July 19, 2016

Usually people with smart height, dressing and figure get the compliments from others that “You look like a model” or “Hey, beauty “It’s not that they are literally models, but they are blessed with all that features that are required to become a model. Modeling can be considered as to groom and exhibit oneself to advertise others, how? Models walking on the ramp are marketing the makeup artist who has groom them up, the designer; whose clothes s/he has put on, the brand; accessories of which s/he is wearing. Have you ever notice that when a model does a ramp walk, they are judge for their makeup, hairdo, jewelry, dressing, and style of walk.

Thus, Model is a package of advertisement for salons, designers, and other brands. Modeling in Pakistan also has the same phenomena. In Pakistan, the famous salons that are known for best models makeover are Sabs, John Allan’s, and Akif Ilyas the best makeup artist. The best designer brands are Sana Safinas, HSY, Maria B, Neelofer Shahid, and others. Modeling is a platform that goes through some strategies to reach the highest position. Here I would like to enlist few modeling strategies that need the luck to get them resolved easily.

Strategies faced in The Modeling Career

Find a reliable modeling agency

The very first question for every beginner in this field is how to contact modeling agency and from where to get name of any well-known modeling agency? What I believe that luck has a major role in these tasks because it always happen that boys and girls with really good looks don’t get much success instead of those who get successful via powerful source in spite of not having influential personality. Anyhow, browse online or ask your friends and do a thorough investigation of agency where you plan to send your photos.

Presenting You

The third step is to present yourself in such a way that your physical outlook seems appealing to others. Only having a tall height, thin looks, and dressing is not enough, but there are other strategies as well such as fair color, skin tone, good skin, haircut, your eyes, and teeth. Most important is having photogenic face that click in camera of their eyes who is taking your audition. Usually, it happens that models are not good looking in actual, but their photos turn fantastic.

Where is your portfolio?

The question asked by every modeling agency when models apply. Models have to manage their portfolio themselves; modeling agency will just consider them for future work or commercials. More they can do is train model. Don’t forward those photographs which you take as “Selfie” in free time, but for modeling, you need to have professional photographs with a head shot and body shot.

Staying in front of Camera

Stay in front of camera does not mean to spend your much time in the studio facing camera literally. It means don’t  hesitate in  taking part in domestic or local commercials though you are asked to act as minor character because when it will telecast on air, it will be viewed by many directors, fashion show organizers and filmmakers. By doing this, they will click your face may consider you for next projects.

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