Behind every successful model, there can be a stylist

January 8, 2019

Finding a stylist is a little like finding a date; you have to find who is right for you

Alexandra Daddario

As the quote suggests, getting the best stylist is inevitably a big deal for a model as stylists keep them updated with latest trends, style and everything that is linked with their looks, grooming, and fashion under the direction of designers and photographers. The purpose of dedicating today’s blog theme on fashion stylist is I want to highlight their significance in the field of glamour world, and modeling, today I want to commemorate the major contribution made by stylist in uplifting the standard of Pakistani fashion world now, the inspiration of composing this idea comes with the conversation between a client and stylist which I witnessed two days ago while having a hair cut from the famous SPA, Akif Ilyas.

I went to the salon for my haircut, and I set an appoint to get it done by a particular hairdresser in their staff who’s famous for providing his makeup, styling, and hairdressing services for models, and celebrities. While doing my haircut, he was also talking to his old colleague and was sharing his experience, how he struggled to reach this standard, and how he manages to do other things. Then I learnt that many famous models of Pakistan got their makeover by him on different fashion parades.

Significance of Stylist:

Just like sketch artist is required for drawing a picture to expose a mental picture in mind of wanted ones, just like a painter who know how to add beauty in his painting by use of different colors, and how to create an accurate sketch that is moving in his eyes, similarly, makeup artist are the ones who bring out the required beauty, they create a new avatar. A stylist can be a hair dresser, makeup artist, a fashion stylist who’re responsible for making a model, and styling  celebrity for video song, live performance, photo shoot, wardrobe choice, award functions, press conference, runway styling,  fashion shows, and for T.V commercial ads.

What stylists do?

Let’s take a model shoot, the photographers only tell the theme that on this theme we’re going to shoot a model today like fairy tale, western theme, or royal shoot, then it’s a work of stylists how they give a look, shape, and prepare model with respect to required theme of shoot, and what costume and new look he gives the model to add a western flavor in shoot, this is the time when the skill of stylist is judged. Furthermore, they design model and celebrity’s costume on different events; they suggest the suitable props for the shoot, what hairstyle will suit with the costume, and the makeup that’ll complete the entire look. In other words, it’s a stylist’s job to make the hairdo, costume, and makeup complement with each other.

Their role in photo shoot:

On being asked the stylist who was cutting my hairs that “what’s your basic job for a photo shoot, models can do makeover themselves as well, why the particular makeup artist and hairdressers are required for photo shoots? He said, “There come some projects where photographers are the director of shoots, and we’re there to help them in making a beautiful image, like in photos the hairstyle look different from earlier one, the lipstick looks lighter, sometimes the photographer ask us to use that hairstyle which you did in earlier shoot, it really looks awesome!

Their relationship with model

What notable point triggered me that he said “if a model is satisfied with his/her stylist, it means the stylist become successful in providing all services, a stylist becomes successful when model is satisfied with him, and when models have firm belief in them, and when people admire model’s sense of dressing, style, and their different avatars”.

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