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Born to be a Model

July 19, 2016

That’s so me, I was passionate for this field since I was in middle school. Whenever I used to watch ramp walks on television and models passing in chic dresses, I generally had the inclination to do this one day, as I grew up, my relatives and friends started calling me Model as (I was the package of all required features for this field) that further enhanced my passion towards this art, oh yes! this is an art, in fact a teamwork art in which makeup artists and fashion designers set the base of creativity which is then further portrayed by a model. I am totally inspired by models as they are very creative with their looks whether in rough dressing or formal one.

After I passed my college, my father asked me to do internship in some private bank in which I was not interested, regardless of living in a propelled city London, yet my family was very conservative when it comes to modeling and glamour world, I had to fight and take a stand as I am not among those people who just live, I feel the best thing to do in life is to do what interest me. Anyhow, after so much fight, blackmailing, and rhetoric finally I convinced my parents to support in my interest, I could have run as my friends suggested me to do so, but my upbringing and unconditional love from my mother couldn’t let me encourage to do that, nor I think family and parents are something to put them for granted.

It’s been 2 years now; my modeling career reached its peak especially when I visit Pakistan for bridal couture week. Often people ask me what was my brilliant time that I feel convey fortune to me, and proudly say that modeling in Pakistan was a golden period throughout these two years since I started my modeling career. The basic issue I heard models face while struggling in this field is the illegal shortcut to get fame in one night. I hope my readers would’ve got my point. In this regard, London was extreme advance as there are no boundaries of freedom for boys and girls. My parents took an oath from me never to compromise with my modesty, so I had to fulfill that promise as well.

Today, this feeling provides me immense pleasure and peace of mind that my success and fame is with no stealthy mystery or fake embarrassment by the grace of God which became possible due to my dear and sincere friends in Pakistan who took me to well-reputed modeling agencies where I had an audition, they made my portfolio, and promoted me to grand shows. At least I did not have to face any jeopardize to put my chastity on edge in order to get quick fame. Now I am a commercial and catalog model and satisfied with my career.

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