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July 19, 2016

Words like “Perfect” or “best” are so tempting that arouse motivation in individuals in every walk of life whether it’s about personal relations like best father/mother, academic life as best student, Or professional life as best engineer, writer, doctor, and business tycoon etc. Everyone wants to be perfect. If we talk about the worth of these words in a glamour world then you can’t even imagine how these adjectives took importance in an actor or model’s life.

In the modeling and fashion world, everyone is engaged in struggling to do their best and to be perfect. Nowadays, modeling agency in Karachi has much worth because it produces one of the best and top models every year that soon become suffused in glamour world. If you are also among one of them who want to become a best model then I have mentioned few secret tips for your type of hard working people. I have written these tips on the basis of live experience and observance of my closed one’s who had settled their modeling journey. I don’t challenge you that surely you’ll become best model, but at least you will be included among well reputed models to which directors in theater and drama will save in their memory to consider for suitable projects. Here they are;

Secret tips to become a Perfect Model:

Get your Portfolio:

Before even thinking about modeling, you need to have your portfolio. Not your personal photos which you take at home, but a professional portfolio by good photographer and studio. If you want to make an attractive portfolio then your photographer should be innovative, who not only click your best shots, but also dig out the hidden beauty in you. His camera lens should be of HD quality. The portfolio size must be 9×12. Moreover, your photographer should click the natural poses by asking you to stay in same posture. Natural poses tells your natural beauty.

Grooming up:

The second secret to be a good model is groom up yourself. Only your model agents are not responsible for rejuvenating your looks. Go for trims once or twice in a week for avoiding hairs with weak split ends, and twofold split ends. Take care of your skin by drinking ample of water, apply natural remedies to finish vanish the black circles around the eyes, apply skin care creams, but branded ones that assures the guarantee of smoothness and fair color. Get a trendy haircut that suits your personality and make yourself look attractive.

Physical Health:

To become a perfect model, you have to be diet conscious. Try to retain your weight and figure by controlling your diet. Never strive in case of extreme hunger, take a light meal but never keep your stomach empty through the day as it leads to fat storage in the body. Avoid eating rice, oily/junk foods, soda beverages, alcohol, and excessive sweet. Take a time for workout, aerobics and yoga at least thrice a week for 1-2 hours to burn extra fat. Take fruits and fresh juices, boiled vegetables. Physical outlook hold much importance for a model figure.

Be Confident:

Make influential personality by having confidence in yourself. Remember confidence is the key of success. Model should be confident enough to stand in alone and face thousands of people bravely, face challenges, criticism and move on. Models should be knowledgeable enough to answer what modeling agent asks them, don’t be dumb and fool. Another significant element is communication skills; model should be able to talk both on and off camera on every topic, in all situations.

How to Consult Modeling Agency?

Last step is to consulting a modeling agency in an appropriate manner. First browse online or you will get the reliable names of modeling agencies via social websites like Face book. Search about this agency completely and send your portfolio with your name, goal and designation like which field you are applying fashion shows, catalog or commercials. If they give you any specific date and time to visit their office then leave 10 mints early before the given time. You can also ask your friends who have any know-how in modeling field; they will also guide you better.

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