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July 19, 2016

The words like “Affordable”, “Cheap”, & “FREE” have somewhat a weird and unique power that attracts people towards it, no matter how much a customer is well off, yet s/he rush toward anything that has been provided with an affordable price, discount, or as a complementary. It has been seen in many cases that when any boutique or supermarket announces their sale in dresses, grocery items, you’ve to stand in a long queue to pay your bill. Do you know these words have a particular place in advertising, and thus they’re taught to use for writing a fascinating and persuasive copy writing to increase the clientele?

In case, you run a mall or any restaurant, just write “Announcing 70% discount on designer outfits” and see the magic how it works. If we take a look at computer devices such as printer, scanner, and mouse etc, amidst of all these devices, printer is such a thing that is usually taken for granted in a sense that when it comes to affordable or expensive for buying a printer or toner cartridges, usually people say “It doesn’t matter, we need just for printing, let’s buy it” Perhaps they’re not aware that difference in quality depends on difference in price. The price does matter. In this post, I’ve compiled a list of few tips and suggestions from the experts in different printing companies for those who’re thinking to buy affordable toner, and they really believe that it doesn’t make such difference.

Expert’s Advice:

According to Heywood;

Never depend on price only for buying a laser printer, but also look at the cost of replacement cartridges and their printer yield

The European Toner suggests that;

It’s better to get refilled cartridges to save your money that will cost you around 30-50% cheaper than original one

According to the Peter Thompson, director at laser cartridge recycler PBT International:

If you’re going to buy re manufactured cartridge, then get it from the reputable seller, as few sellers might deceive you by cutting the corners of toner, which can lead to the leakage of toner and poor quality printing, otherwise, the re manufactured cartridges are very useful

The most of experts (who specialize in the printing field or has a strong position in printer supplying companies) advice to  get a printer whether it’s inkjet or laser one that has a feature of Duplex printing – the printing on both sides of a paper.


It’ll be better if you get a printer in affordable price that has WI-FI feature, as a result of which user will be able to command print whether from their Smartphone or laptop.

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