Is Text Messaging the root cause of Spoiling Social Manners?

August 1, 2016

It is said “think before you speak” this rule would be hardly followed by a few in this world today especially when it comes to verbal and direct communication between two people. There is an option which enables me, you, even all of us to follow this rule that is through text messaging service. This is very tricky, yet the paradoxical source of communicating with people. Tricky in the sense that via messaging nobody can tell in which intention latter person have said you something until and unless that person doesn’t make use of emoticons’.


Text messaging is much in use because it keeps united with family and friends all. In current busy schedule nobody gets enough time to visit each other or to take part in any activity, text messaging service here enable everyone to greet and meet each other. As far as messaging being tricky is concerned, so yes to some extent it is in which one has to make other sure that his/her message or comment is not meant to be rude or straight forward., anyhow, this point fall in different debate.


The trend of text messaging has become the most popular and somewhat a common statement of fashion in every corner of the world. Along with some advanced western countries, now in eastern countries as well this trend has been risen up, from poor to luxury, middle class to luxury class, every kid, teen, adult and chunk of 2nd innings also seemed to be engaged in this activity. According to one research, individuals between age 18 and 24 send about 110 text messages each day.


Text messaging when used generally is used for multiple reasons including serious alert or information about something, forward funny messages, jokes, quotes, tips, spreading knowledge, and approved facts etc. the places where text messaging is used are hospitals, banks, malls, boutiques, restaurants, business, and partnership etc. As current time is youth era, thus many communicating companies get a golden chance to offer new packages and promote their business. Usually, elders complain that this mobile and messaging has totally disturbed their social manners, and they have forgotten what has been taught to them, really? To some extent it can be said it has given rise to the lack of physical communication between parents and children, if parents feeling ill, children don’t have time to ask them as they are deeply engrossed in different world, housewives don’t look after their environs, and newly-wed girls don’t participate in other’s conversation as they are engaged in messaging.


I agree it has affected social manners and rules to move in society, but it’s the fault of users not mobile or messaging, as they are invented for our benefit, but if users make the most of it or excessive use lead them to digress from their path then who should be blamed? Excess of everything is bad, no doubt in this quote. I would request to all mobile users don’t let this precious scientific invention get libeled by our critics and pessimistic people.


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