Secret of Success in Pakistan Fashion Industry

July 19, 2016

Keeping in mind the growing interest of a current youth towards modeling, media, and fashion, it seems that our Pakistani models are going to expand in various fields in different corners of the world very soon. They will not only be recognized domestically, but internationally as well throughout the world. Ere to this era, fashion designing had no value, nor there was any field or subject in academic institutions except the few one, but since the notion of modeling and fashion shows has been introduced or somewhat are followed, now everyone seems to be passionate about modeling.

The trend of modeling has reached to such an extent that well-reputed private universities have started promoting their students who are interested in modeling. In few universities, fashion shows are held as part of the project in media subject in which student hire models within the campus to show their talent and walk on the ramp. The significance of fashion industry has been increased after considering by our designers that how it can be helpful in brightening up our state’s name worldwide.

That is the reason now individual brands have been launched and each brand has its own worth in the market. Now we have plenty of fashion models who play a major role in the brand marketing of fashion designers such as HSY, Deepak Perwani and brands like Sana Safinaz, Sania Masqatia, and J. (Junaid Jamshaid) it must be noticed that fashion designers are nothing without models as their collection is advertised through them.

Following are the basic Secrets of Success in The Pakistani Fashion Industry:

  • Generally, our Pakistani culture is admired everywhere in terms of dress, hospitality, food and traditions. Still, the root cause of development in Pakistan fashion fraternity is our designers don’t imitate others but believe in producing their own.
  • Our designers always think out of the box to give something new to the raff. They always come with new ideas in dress materials like Georgette, Silk, and Chiffon etc to make it appealing for the customers.
  • The model’s journey from a modeling agency to the ramp walk in fashion shows is totally pure. The whole duration is just like the process of turning coal into a diamond. Models turned to be very capable and well-experienced.
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