Strategies for Article Writing

July 18, 2016

In essence, an article is a detailed/ concise outline of a subject at hand, covering it in its entirety, keeping the audience’s frame of reference. Article writing services follow these detailed regimens to ensure optimum quality within prescribed word count:

  1. I.S.S Stratagem

The K.I.S.S strategy is probably the most viable strategy used in majority of industries in varying capacities. More importantly, using this strategy, authors are able to pool in larger audiences as opposed to a specific audience.

  1. Pinch of Interactivity

Pictorial representations are essential to any subject at hand, giving the reader an interactive environment. More so, adding videos is not a huge plus. It may rain on the author’s parade. The focus and aim is the article at hand.

  1. Tinge of Italics/ Bolds

Use Italics and bold to make the point. It has a two-fold advantage since it renders some interactivity to an article and on the other hand, highlights the important points in an article.

  1. Sublime Subheadings

Articles are often bogged down by information overload. As a result, it takes a 5-minute reader with an attention span of a goldfish too nauseating to sink in loaded information at one go. That’s why subheadings ease up the reading process of a particular reader.

  1. Lists Reign Supreme

Lists are analogous to readers as gold is to miners. Moreover, it saves skimming and scanning time. A list in an article has the following advantages:

  • Catches reader’s attention
  • Furnishes a list of attributes
  • Answers in one line
  • Avoids details
  • Feels organized and neat
  • Helps in developing ideas

Moreover, to refrain from making a long-ish topic succinct for readers, lists are shaped to keep attention and draws attention towards concrete points.

Fluff Writing

It goes against the rules of readers, Google and convention of writing. It promotes poor practices. Moreover, as is the case, readers analyze each article for its informational value and if it attains their standards, results in long-term relationship.

Recurring Writing Blunders

  1. At times, the prose is a tad bit formal, reminiscent of essays. On the other hand, refrain from using such words such as: On one hand, some people think and sum up.
  2. Not using instances and quotes
  3. Not using enough questions to make it more compelling. These questions are rhetorical in nature. Use questions such as: Have you….? What do you think…….? Is it true…..?
  4. The headline not being concise and clear about the subject at hand.

Article Archetypes

Listed below are typified forms of articles:

  1. Do-It-Yourself

These articles are how-to manuals, explaining the mechanism step by step, with pictures.

  1. Recipe

As the name implies, they are tailor-made for covering cuisine recipes, again, in a step by step manner.

  1. Motivational

These are dense articles, assimilating quotes, problem statement, analysis and its subsequent solution. The language kept is formal whilst alleviating the readers amiably.

  1. Descriptive

These articles explain illnesses, tech, educational and scientific phenomena’s in broad detail. Furthermore, it needs to be reader-friendly and avoid the monotonous tone.

  1. Do-It-Yourself

These are usually written for assembling equipment for technical professionals and residential purposes.

  1. Reviews

Lastly, reviews vary according to the product in question. They are usually written to validate consumer response for a particular product.

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