The Do’s And Don’ts of C.V Writing

July 18, 2016

Circular Vitae or C.V is a Latin word that means “Course of one’s life”. A  C.V can be considered as a summary of our academic qualification, skills. In short, it represents an outline of our social activities. Its aim is to represent our bona fides in juxtaposition so employers are able to know about us and can judge what post we deserve according to our qualification. Length of C.V usually does not matter because completeness of required information is much important.

C.V is used to get any specific desired position in professional life, to gain an experience and further enhance the beauty or somewhat increase the heaviness of portfolio because the greater experience is, the more high position or post we can get. C.V writing is the second step after academic task which has become a kind of business nowadays by professionals who guide how to write C.V and they write C.V for us as well. If you want resume witting help then here  I am  guiding you  the steps to write a good C.V along with some  Do’s and Don’t  that will help you as C.V writing Services.

Personal Data:

It contains all our personal information, including name, father name, date of birth, age, NIC number etc. According to British rule, photo along with personal information is not important but in UK and USA format, small passport size photo is necessary as it helps employers to decide whether to select candidate or reject on the basis of age and gender.

Academic Qualification:

It emphasizes on our entire qualification like schooling, college degree and masters with sin years. It is usually seen that degrees from well prestigious institutions is much admired. In some companies, student’s dissertation project is also required along with C.V. If you’ve gained any internship experience as a part of project via institution, then you should mention it with duration. It’ll be a plus point.

Work Experience:

Mention if you’ve already worked somewhere prior to current job you’re looking for. Try to make verbal use while mentioning your work experience with words like “Developed”, “Organized” etc. If you’re applying as a writer or editor in other field then attach your any sample of publication or pamphlet, if your written work is online then mention link of your work or give a reference of it.

Goal objective:

Represent your goal in a convincing and impressive way revealing what you are looking for and what is your career objective. What you expect from a company how you want to mould you career programme. Look for eye catching C.V templates.


Under this heading, you have to tell about your hobbies, what you find interesting. Remember, try to relate your skills with job like if you’re looking for journalism, or report writing, then your interests must be interested in the news update, debating current status quo of politics rather than using old statements “ Socializing with friends” etc. Never mention your work nevertheless it is construction of house/building but use “team based work” for any field you are applying.


As far as skills are concerned, always keep in mind you want to convince your employer to call you for an interview so make sure you’re selling your skills and abilities to them. Convince them that you possess employability skills like negotiating, planning, leading, etc.

Besides, mention languages you’re acquainted with like Spanish, Arabic, French, etc. While telling about technical skills like using MS word, Ms Office, etc. Instead, use good in computing. If you’re highly intellectualized and mature then write Skill-based C.V.

Last, write a cover letter along with your C.V that makes it complete. Make sure you’ve made a right use of tone in terms of confidence. Employers want to see how confident you are. Your C.V must be informative, but summarized. Free of any grammatical and punctual error.

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