Tips To Increase Your Toner Cartridges Performance

July 19, 2016

The printer is one of those things you can find in every office. Being an essential investment, it is a costly one too. Collectively, the expenses of paper, toner and the electricity used in delayed prints sums up into a heavy toll on one’s pocket. In such a case, having your toner not performing well can be very frustrating.

Discussed here are some useful tips to improve your cartridge’s performance. These tips will not just help you get a better performance, but will have you save more bucks in the printing budget. So before setting out to buy toner cartridges online,  make sure to get benefited from these tips:

Choked Printer Nozzle

Your printer’s performance can be poor, if its nozzle is choked up with ink. To overcome this issue, take the cartridge out of the printer and wipe its bottom surface using a damp cloth. Soak the moisture on the surface with a dry cloth and reinstall. You can also try Isopropanol, as it can clear up anything even the permanent ink.

Shake The Cartridge Well

Toner cartridges are filled with black powder that helps in printing. Toner cartridges have a longer life than ink cartridges, but they are quite pricey. Replacing the toner cartridges is not usually the only option, as at times this black powder can deposit in the cartridge and required to be shaken loose.

Adjust Printer Settings

Delayed  printer outputs can be caused by spool files. These files are the temporary files stored on the hard disk of the computer that carries the data that is to be printed.  By changing the printer and spool file settings can boost the performance of your printer.

Try Draft Mode

Switching print quality to Draft Mode. Draft mode decreases the resolution or dpi (number of dots-per-inch) of the prints. This might make your documents appear slightly faded and less bright, but can be very effective in saving the time and ink of your printer. But, do remember to switch back to a higher dpi when producing quality print.

Use Grayscale

Color printing can be very costly in the long run. Prefer black and white prints on the colored ones, whenever possible. Choosing grayscale printing will make use of just the black ink cartridges. When a black print is produced using a color ink cartridge, printer mixes up numerous hues to give the output a blacker shade, and thus, utilizes your ink to greater extent.

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