Best Tips To Learn Spanish With The Help of Spanish Immersion Programs

March 4, 2022

Have you decided to learn Spanish? Congratulations! This beautiful language is not only spoken in many countries. It is also quite easy to learn – given a little diligence – and is therefore particularly popular with language students. We give you a few tips on how to get to your destination as quickly as possible.

With almost 442 million native speakers, Spanish ranks second in the ranking of the most spoken languages ​​– after Chinese and ahead of English ( statista 2018 ). Spanish is the mother tongue in 21 countries, and Spanish is spoken by parts of the population in a further 13 countries. This Romance language is most widespread in Central and South America.

If you are planning a trip or volunteering in Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile or another Spanish-speaking country in Latin America, you should definitely acquire a basic knowledge of Spanish. Although English is also taught in most schools there, travelers without Spanish quickly reach their limits. So that you can really enjoy your stay in these interesting countries, here are a few tips on how you can quickly acquire a basic vocabulary with spanish immersion programs near me.

Our tips:
To get started, we recommend a basic Spanish course, for example at an adult education center or a language institute. It is important that you are taught by teachers who speak Spanish at native level or are native speakers. Although there are some differences between European Spanish and the Spanish of the various countries of Latin America, you should first acquire a solid basic knowledge – no matter which variant. Despite regional peculiarities, you will be understood without any problems in all Spanish-speaking countries.
Go to Spotify or YouTube and listen to Spanish-language songs – preferably as often as possible to understand the lyrics a bit. There are so many interesting singers and bands in Latin America in particular: You will be surprised what great music you will discover. And by the way, you do something for your Spanish.
If you like watching movies, there is plenty to choose from. Important: The film should be in the original – with German or English subtitles. Since the Spaniards often speak very quickly, films from Latin America (eg Colombia, Mexico, Peru) are particularly suitable.
Find an online platform where you can also improve your Spanish, e.g. Sofatutor, Busuu, Babbel, Dalango, Lengalia, AVE Global online courses from the Instituto Cervantes and many more.
Borrow audio books for Spanish learners, language level A1/A2 from the library. These are mostly stories (crime novels, love stories, etc.) by well-known Spanish-speaking authors. First you should only listen to the story and only then read along in the booklet to promote listening comprehension. In the booklets, a lot of vocabulary is translated and idioms are explained.
Children’s books and simple booklets – in Spanish, of course – also promote reading skills. With the so-called dime novels, it doesn’t really matter if you don’t understand a word or two. The plot is always the same anyway. But even if this literature is shallow: For a language beginner, it is already a success to have read through an entire issue and to have understood it to some extent.
If you can already hold simple conversations, find a tandem partner who would like to learn German or another language that you can offer. You then meet regularly to talk in one language or another. It’s a lot of fun and often leads to friendships…
Book a Spanish course in Spain or Latin America! You will see how quickly you can improve your knowledge. Every word you learn on site will help you and make everyday life more interesting. You can delve deeper into the culture, find interesting people to talk to and make new friends. Important: Speak as much Spanish and as little German as possible. Worth it!

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