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June 15, 2022

Kalabhumi, Institute of Fine Arts impart the knowledge of requisite skills and their practical use. This is India’s No1 World Records Holder Professional Fine Arts Institute. Limca book of Records, High Rang book of world Records, India book of Records, Asia book of Record!
One should be passionate and determined enough to recognise the value of their true guru and try to imbibe all the guru has to offer in order to better their skills and nurture their talent.
Every individual have their own way of attaining knowledge and in the whole process, teacher plays a vital role.

Aim behind Kalabhumi
Mr. Asgar Ali had the vision to guide young talents in the right direction. At an early stage, he realised that not all talents are fortune enough to reach their abled destination due to lack of guidance.
He structured this courses for students who want to design a career in fine arts, designing and architecture related fields.

Why should you choose Kalabhumi?
In Kalabhumi we believe in practical exercise to help one’s growth in the field of Art. We aim to impart the correct and maximum knowledge in the shortest possible time.

We also co-ordinate with other organizations in certain volunteering activities like workshops for emerging artist, fresher students, for interested candidates who want to design the career in arts or want to learn fundamentals of arts, summer camps or in holding competitions.
We try to motivate our students and give them the right platform to achieve high social standards.

• Better tools like easels, tables and chairs, and drawing-boards
• Outdoor trips for sketching
• Highly qualified & experienced faculty
• Increased amount of practice and training
• Useful books related to Fine Arts
• Mega Annual Art Exhibition
• Regular visits to Exhibitions
• Holistic atmosphere
• Theory notes
• Stationary

Course Description
Dear Student, you can also choose your one favorite topic for the details study like portrait, oil painting, acrylic painting and medium like pencil colour, charcoal, oil and acrylic. The course will be depended on your above duration( 1 month, 3 month, 6 month)… select your duration & Call us @ 9868214044

Basic Sketching & Drawing
Stick Drawing
Human Figure
Different types of proportions
Indoor &Outdoor study
Imaginative drawing
Free Hand Drawing
Basic Anatomy study
Still Life
Eye Level
Face Expression
Colour sense
Details about light & shade
Basic Perspective study
Abstract Art
Modern & Indian Art
Colour Medium
Graphite Pencil
Pencil Colour
Soft Pastel
Pen Art
Pen & Ink
Mix Media
Water Colour
Poster Colour

Kalabhumi has basic and advances courses for students to build a sound foundation in the field and progress thereafter.
Courses: Diploma in Fine Arts, Diploma in Applied Arts, Diploma for Professional study, Fine Arts Diploma courses for School 10th 12th students, Entrance preparation study for BFA( Bachelor of Fine Arts, NIFT( National institute of fashion technology), NATA (National aptitude test in architecture), NID( National Institute of Design)
Kids Diploma and certificates courses in drawing, sketching and painting
And hobby courses:
6 months Certificates courses, 3 month hobby courses in drawing and painting, 1 month painting specialization in drawing, sketching, oil painting, acrylic painting, Water colour, poster colour, abstract, modern and contemporary arts & more…
After these courses, students achieved many platforms like a bright future in the fine arts designing and architecture, cracked entrance exams with top rank in top national-international colleges. They doing the jobs in teaching, designing, and animation related fields.

The meaning of art can be different for different people. And some, might have not even discovered the value of art in their lives yet. We ask you to give yourself a change to unleash the artist in you and let us be a part of your beautiful journey.
Reason to Join Kalabhumi
All the best for your bright future in Fine Arts

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