Step by step instruction to grow longer eyelashes with natural products:

May 30, 2021

You might already know hundreds of hacks for temporary eyelashes and how to make them look stylish. However, they only last for few hours along with damaging your natural lashed. No matter what kind of brand you use or how cautious you are. It does damage it and you probably know they can never look as classic as the natural eyelashes.
Probably, you have already tried random social media or TikTok hacks for the well-being of eyelashes. Yeah, they are the tiniest part, although, matter the most for a dashing outlook. Continue reading this article to know about how you can grow long, natural, voluminous eyelashes in simple and easiest ways.

1.Olive oil:
Use of olive oil regularly once or twice a day seems to have a great impact on your lashes. It enhances the growth process. The lashes remain thick, and every hair feels apart. You can use it for few weeks and all your friends and colleagues are going to notice a change. Even, if you do not tell them, they might think you got surgery or had some medical treatment.

Olive oil kills the toxins and removes substances that damage the root of eyelashes. How to apply it? the simplest hack is to use a mascara brush. Dip it in the oil, make sure you do not spill it. and simply apply, as you apply mascara.

2.Castor oil:
In the field of fashion, beauty, and remedies, castor oil is well known. From making sunburns go away faster to preventing wrinkles, caster oil tops the list. Even more, many of the products we use daily contain castor oil as a major ingredient. Making them do the best what they are supposed to do. Another great advantage of this oil is that it promotes hair growth. Moreover, reduces hair fall. If you ever tried a lash serum or anything like that which damaged your lashes. It will heal the inflammation. According to some research, it enhances hair growth 5 times as compared to any other product available.

If you mix castor oil with few drops of coconut oil. It will make your eyelashes look brighter and your skin looks fresh. The best way to use it before going to sleep and wash when you get up. It is quite a simple process. store the oil in a jar and keep it by your bedside.

3.Green tea:
This other ingredient is very beneficial for almost all kinds of health-related issues, so does it enhance eyelashes growth. Use of green tea and applying it on your lashes can help them grow fast and repair quickly. Sometimes, due to excessive heat or exposure to dust. The lashes get damaged, and you get watery, red eyes. Green tea intake and applying can help reduce the pain in the eyes. It contains sufficient chemicals and stimulants to enhance thick eyelashes’ growth. So, drink green tea regularly and keep yourself fit, healthy, and keep your eyelashes fresh.

4.Petroleum jelly:
Vaseline is an amazing product to keep your lashes soft, fresh, and hydrated. You can use it in both winters and summers. It can repair eye bags and dark circles around the eyes. It contributes to fast growth and making them thick. Even after a single use, you can feel the change in your eyelashes, how they are so shiny, voluminous, and straight.
Use it as you use mascara. Simply touch the top of the mascara on the petroleum jelly and apply directly. Do not put too much Vaseline. Additionally, you can take off eye makeup without damaging the lashes if you put Vaseline first.

5.Vitamin E oil:
It is a tested and verified method that affects your eyelashes in a very positive way. vitamin E is one of the essential vitamins we need for normal physiological functions. Moreover, it plays a very important part in skin and hair growth. It strengthens the root of your eyelashes. Gently massage the oil on your lashes for few minutes and you will feel the difference in few days. Do not go too tough as eyelashes are very sensitive and you do not wish to damage them while massaging.

Vitamin E capsule contains the oil. Break up a single capsule, pour in your palm, and massage. You can use it with a simple hairbrush or with a finger. It will also increase the blood flow. Hence, more nutrition to eyelashes and more growth.

6.Shea butter:
It is the best natural hydrant that keeps your eyelashes and the skin around it fresh throughout the day. Either use it in winters or summers, it gives positive effects. Shea butter contains vitamin C, which is a source of anti-toxins that help your immune system fight against toxins and chemicals. So, allowing your lashes to grow fresh and fast. The best way is to use them before sleeping and wash them off first thing in the morning. You will feel the fresh eyelashes all day long.

7.Eye massage:
It may sound a cliché but a gentle massage for a minute or two can affect in a very positive manner. Simple, wash your hands with soap and make sure there are no bacteria or foreign body. Use both hands and massage both the eye simultaneously. It will increase the blood flow and enhance growth. Although, keep in mind that you are not rubbing it too harshly that it might pluck off your lashes.

There are a lot of ways you can make your lashes grow fast, better, and fresh. Medical treatment and products always come up with a side-effect, even if it is 1%. Why risk it all when you can take care in a better way with natural products. Moreover, if you are jealous of your dogs’ perfect eyelashes. You can get ESA letter online for him, check out the criteria for ESA now and get one.

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