Writing Short Novel – Motives and Tips & How do you write a biography and pitch?

October 13, 2020

Short novels are all the rage. They contain entertaining stories that can become bestsellers. Here we explain what the short novel is, what its benefits are and how to write a good literary work of this type.
A short novel is a fictional text longer than a short story and less extensive than a regular novel. It can be a story of any type or genre. What distinguishes it from other novels is that it usually has between 20,000 and 40,000 words. You may think that writing a short novel is not a good option, since the market is full of books that are very long. But do not be fooled.

Reasons for writing a short novel

Writing a novel already has its advantages in itself. Also, a short novel has its own characteristics that make it unique.

Create more quality than quantity

Writing a short novel allows you to focus on building more fluent, direct and clear sentences. The chapters will be shorter and contain only the most important. Your main mission will not be to count words, but to make sure that every word counts.

Each phrase will have an important value in the work. This will avoid filling and build a more interesting reading experience. Thanks to that, you can dedicate more to making a good quality novel. It will be easier for you to accurately analyze the way you write, allowing you to develop your own writing style and optimize it. However, if you novel contains characters and personalities then it is recommended to hire memoir services because such services help you develop a character more efficiently.

Start a literary saga

Writing a short novel is ideal for presenting a series of books. If readers do not know the author, sometimes they prefer not to spend a lot of time reading one of his novels because they do not know if they will like it. In this sense, publishing a book of this type can serve as a cover letter. It can be a pleasant, comfortable and strategic first point of contact.

If you don’t know what to write in a biography or pitch for social networks, don’t worry because one of the main complications when writing this type of key text is being able to tell a lot in very few words; summarizing who you are, what you do and what you want to achieve.

Steps to writing a bio with a powerful pitch

Choosing the right words, not one more, not one less, will be the key to success. So what are the steps to write a bio? Let’s have a look on them!

Choose a name for personal bio

If we go to social networks, as a channel to show your pitch, keep in mind the difference between the name of the account and the name of the user profile. These may coincide or be different from each other, but if you have chosen a brand name for your account, consider the option of taking advantage of the user profile to add a badge that defines your specialty, professional essence or aspirational goals.

Define your pitch

You have to bear in mind that your pitch must:
• Clearly and precisely define your objective or mission.
• Allow whoever reads it to understand what you want to convey.
• Facilitate a quick association between your name and your main activity.
• Be clear, direct, and concise.
• Be easily memorable.

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