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October 29, 2021

It is an established fact that payments are becoming more digitized by the day. Everyday payments are easier to carry out. However, B2B payments have been a bit more resistant when it comes to modernization.  

Simply put, B2B payments are payment transactions between businesses. Notably, 57% of B2B transactions are made electronically, while 43% are still paid by check. B2B transactions are relatively slow to evolve compared to other transactions such as business-to-customer payments (B2C). 

However, this does not mean it’s completely resistant to change. Here are some of the trends in B2B transactions that you need to know: 

Acceleration due to COVID-

The importance of digital payments was imminent to B2B companies even before the advent of COVID-19. However, they remained mostly resistant to change. But after the pandemic occurred, digitalization became inevitable. As a result, it has been found that an increasing number of companies have started making payments electronically. It is also estimated to grow further in the next few years. 

Constantly emerging solutions- 

All over the world, we see new B2B payment methods coming up because of all the opportunities this space provides. International trade is also as simple as ever. Lots of companies can assist in this regard. 

Tazapay, for example, is a cloud-based trade management platform. It offers cross-border payment solutions by combining all the latest financial technology. 

Legacy tools-

Despite all these payment solutions, businesses hesitate to use them. They are still hung up on the sluggish legacy tools that they used before. However, modern problems require modern solutions. Unfortunately, they cannot keep up with the fast-paced needs of today with old methods. 

As the world around them gets more advanced, they will realize that it’s high time they ditch these methods.  

Stronger business outcomes because of modern B2B payment solutions- 

With benefits like increased efficiency, accelerated payments, and more convenience, adopting new payment solutions looks the most ideal. It also helps them increase productivity and profitability.  

Some handy trends include:

Cloud-based payment systems, which provide faster cash flow, high flexibility, excellent security, and automation. 
Fintech organizations that focus on faster transaction rates. 

Internal focus-

With all these new innovative solutions, it is important to note that change starts internally at first. Companies start by covering things like employment, payroll, and benefits. Then, gradually, they start becoming more comfortable using systems in-house. This is when they start to use it in other areas such as accounts.  

Now that you understand the importance of modern B2B payment methods, you should also consider factors like utility, reliability, and ease of use to find a platform best suited for you.

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