8 Effective Skills For Team Building

May 9, 2022

Everyone can gather a few people and create a team. However, building a “Good” team may not be as easy as it seems. Team building requires specific team-building skills that not everyone might be aware of.

Here are 7 effective skills for team building that will help you build a great team.

1- Make Sure You Have the Right People in Your Teams

The first and the most important part of building a team is, having the right people. Choosing the right people can be tricky. Because you never always know for sure whether or not the person you are choosing will be the right choice. For a problem like this, we have companies out there who help us in hiring the best. One of the most excellent examples is Gaper.io. Gaper.io allows companies to hire the top 1% of remote software engineers in the world. They thoroughly check your needs and then match you with the Engineer within 24 hours that suit your preferences and your team. Moreover, if you feel like they didn’t team you up with the right member or team (which is unlikely), you can always ask them to team you up with another one.

2- Delegation

Every team builder understands that they cannot accomplish all goals alone. In order to achieve certain tasks and goals, the help of others is required in order to achieve success in a timely manner. In order to have a smooth-going team, each member has to be assigned a specific responsibility that they are deemed to carry the best. Here’s how you can assign roles:

  • Assign roles that match perfectly with an individual’s interest of expertise
  • Clear and achievable goals
  • Schedules for deadlines and milestones
  • Communicate the expectations
  • Honest and constructive Feedback

3- Motivation

Motivation guarantees an increase in quality and quantity. Take a child, for example, gift them a toy or candy after they achieve a mediocre result; next time, they will score even better. Motivation is the way to go to increase productivity. However, the form of motivation depends on personal preferences. Therefore, be careful when trying to motivate your team members. Here are some great ways to motivate your fellow team members:

  • Have a positive attitude
  • Be supportive
  • Give positive Feedback
  • Provide incentives

4- Soft-Skills

The team leader is not the only one who has to have good Soft-Skills. All the team members are required to have them. A team is all about working together, filling in for each other. But certain things are expected of everyone. Here are a few essential soft skills:

  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Decision-making
  • Creative thinking

5- Problem-solving

Problems are unexpected but are to be expected in every team. Problems can be of any sort, interpersonal conflicts or related to the team’s goals. In order to tackle problems before they become too big, you should be able to recognize and tackle them. In order to become good at problem-solving, you need the following qualities:

  • Listen to the problem before reaching a decision
  • Recognize the problem before it becomes a bigger one
  • Develop creative solutions
  • Remain calm, regardless of the roadblocks

6- Communication

Communication is a very important skill. In order to have others understand your ideas or problems, you need to be able to communicate them without trouble. Without communications, a lot of misunderstandings may arise and further create problems. Both verbal and written communications skills are required to resolve conflicts, delegate responsibilities, and establish team goals. Communicating your words is important, but above that, you need to be a good listener too. To improve your communication skills, you need to:

  • Be clear and concise
  • Remain calm when faced with conflicts
  • Pay attention to the non-verbal cues of others
  • Your body language needs to match your words

7- Reliability

When working in a team, your team members need to be able to rely on you and trust you. You need to prove to your team members that they can have faith in you. To have your team members trust you, you need to:

  • Provide guidance when required
  • Participate in group activities regularly
  • Complete your tasks before the deadline
  • Take responsibility for your tasks and doings

8. Empathy

Empathy is an important factor in a person’s life. It allows you to understand the feelings of your team members. Empathy enables you to gain insight into the needs and struggles of your teammates. Further allowing you to understand them better and communicate with them better. Here’s how you can improve your ability to empathize:

  • Look at things from another’s perspective
  • Ask thoughtful questions about what others think
  • Be a good listener

Concluding Words

In order to be a build a team, you need to work with the team. Same as a team requires more than one person in order to become a team, the same way many skills combined are needed to build a good team.

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