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February 24, 2021

Flora Appliances Pvt. Ltd. is a 20 Year Old and very trusted name in the kitchen appliances market in India. Who is already distributor of Natraj’s all products like Domestic and Commercial Flour Mill and the Commercial Kitchen equipment etc. and now the Flora Appliances Pvt. Ltd. has launched the Oil Extractor Machines for domestic and commercial use, and the brand name is FLORACOMM.

We are a reliable name in the list of companies, offering premium quality of kitchen appliances in the heart of India. We have been distributing different products such as Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Commercial Flour Mills, and Domestic Flour Mills for quite a while. You can opt for our machines for commercial and residential use. By maintaining consistency in innovation and research, we have gained the ultimate success in the market. We are capable of producing appliances of the highest quality owing to which potential buyers love to invest in our products time and again. We can pour the oil of highly productive capacity by choosing our models.

Floracomm introduces the top-rated Domestic Oil Extractor machine in the market. Your dream of preparing healthy virgin oil for better and improved health from the comfort of your home is no more a dream now. These machines are an excellent alternative for the extraction of oil from various types of nuts which include sunflower, almond, mustard, sesame, coconut, and groundnut. Operating these machines is a breeze, as compared to the bigger oil machines, available in the market. Thus, they provide the privilege to prepare pure virgin oil from any place, at any time, catering to your needs.
Advantages and benefits of using cold pressed oils
➢ Such oils are cholesterol free

➢ They are free from harmful chemicals

➢ They are extracted using less heat

➢ Such oils help in boosting the immune system

➢ They retain all the healthy qualities of the oil seeds

➢ These oils are very good for weight loss

➢ Increasing the overall energy levels

Cold press oil machines
Earlier days, oil was extracted by crushing and pressing seeds, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Today there are various different kinds of automatic cold press oil machines available for the extraction of oil. Cold press oil machines price varies according to its size. You can easily buy cold press oil machines, you will find cold press oil machine manufacturer, distributer, suppliers and dealers everywhere across India who offer the best prices according to your budget and business.Floracomm is a very renowned company for oil extracting machine, and we has a capacity to fulfill your kitchen requirement. As we all know, mustard oil prepared by pressing seeds from the mustard plants and doing this work mustard oil machine helps us. This oil is very popular for cooking in east India. This oil consumption is very healthy, so you can get this in any health food store.

This oil also acts as a mosquito repellent. It is not behind to give you healthy hair. There are lots of benefits of this mustard oil, so it is better to have mustard oil expelle, so that you can do this easily to your home. Our mustard oil mill machines are very easy to use. We have different kinds of machines to fulfil different purposes like domestic purpose domestic extractor and commercial purpose commercial oil extractor machines. We also provide a warranty on our every product. If you face any problem regarding machine, we will give you service.

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