How do I create a virtual summit? The Ultimate Guide

October 15, 2021

Begin with the basics

The code to hosting successful virtual summits is to start the planning process soon after you choose to conduct a virtual event. You need to decide if your virtual event will be live or a pre-recorded event. Once you have determined this, set clear goals for your event. Once you begin planning the virtual summit, you’ll have to consider the costs that come along. Determine a budget for your virtual summit so that you know which features need to be included along with features that aren’t very important. If you intend to produce workbooks for the virtual summit, add that expense too. Workbooks can promote event sign-ups – so consider including them for your virtual summits.

Formulate a plan

When you determine to host a virtual summit, you have to form a plan to lead you through the entire process. During the planning step, make sure that you decide the following:
• The dates of the virtual summit
• Niche or themes that the virtual summit will concentrate on
• Make sure to leverage the right event technology and the best virtual summit platform
• Will the virtual summit be live or pre-recorded
• The important offer to be made at the virtual summit

Gaining transparency on these points will allow you to decide the set of speakers you want to take on board and recognize the sponsors you’ll have to work with. Also, understand the sort of promotional assets you’ll require to market the virtual summit. These may involve exciting landing pages, email marketing, engaging blogs or videos, eBooks, workbooks, dynamic banners, etc.

Look for the best speakers

To provide real-life event experiences to your audiences, look for amazing and expert speakers. Begin by generating a list of the business leaders you want to bring to the virtual event and explain why you believe you should include them. After compiling the list of potential speakers, analyze it to understand who would be the best to speak at the virtual summit. Perform some background analysis about those speakers by checking out their social media pages or websites. The intention here is to understand these speakers and their pursuits.

Networking opportunities and engaging features (doubt)

Effective promotion

To host a successful virtual summit, you need to make sure that you spread the word regarding your virtual event among potential attendees and exhibitors. The most suitable time to begin with pre-event promotion is two to three weeks before the virtual event. Ensure that till then you have decided on your speakers and created an exciting event landing page. Your landing page should include a preview of your speakers, a clear buying point for attendees, and a definite call to action.

Follow-up on essential tasks

As the time of your virtual summit nears, connect with people who have registered. Try sending emails to the potential attendees as a gentle reminder, along with previews and a precise list of all speakers. This will keep them aware of the sessions that they want to listen to.

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