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December 22, 2020

Hi Capas are a series of airsoft pistols that are made in replication of one of the most popular and effective handguns of all time, the M1911. There are many firearms manufacturers that have capitalized on the popularity of the M1911, creating their own variants in a number of different effective calibers, and in the world of airsoft, the same can be said. M1911 replicas are some of the most popular airsoft pistols out there.

Many of them can be easily modified to improve their performance, but a lot of Hi Capa pistols that are made by JAG Arms, Tokyo Marui, and others already come offering some commendable specifications and performance. Many of them are made from ultra-premium materials like metal alloys and high-density polymers, have super-smooth slides and are very fast and accurate. For these reasons and others, they are very popular.

Lucky for you, if you have a Hi Capa (or you’re thinking about getting one) their popularity means in part that they are very easy to modify with Hi Capa parts. Even if you aren’t looking at different ways you can modify your Hi Capa, their popularity has led to the easy availability of a huge number of different compatible parts. Some of them are highly specialized, and there are possibly more compatible parts for Hi Capa models than there are for almost any other airsoft guns.

For example, finding a Hi Capa compatible magazine couldn’t be easier. There are a ton of magazines that are readily available for Hi Capa pistols, and some of these are designed to offer additional utility and practicality to the platform. The AW Custom 350 Round Hi Capa Drum Magazine comes to mind. Other airsoft pistols come with magazines or are compatible with others, that hold a shade over 20 rounds. If you have a Hi Capa you can bump up the usefulness of the platform significantly with an upgrade like that.

That’s just a magazine, though, and there are so many other compatible parts for these airsoft guns that you can add in to make them look cooler or work better that you’ll never run out of options. Check out, where you can find the drum mag above, to serve as an example.

Whether you want to change out a part to make your Hi Capa look cooler or make an upgrade is up to you, but their collection of Hi Capa parts is second to none. Does spicing up your Hi Capa with a Blue Blowback Housing sound interesting to you? Perhaps a matching Blue Aluminum T1 Trigger sounds more in order. Possibly both, since they match each other.

The point is, whether you want to improve the performance of your Hi Capa pistol or you want to personalize it to your tastes, you can easily pull it off with the available parts at MiR Tactical. Making repairs is easy and practical, too. Compiling a list of available parts would take forever, but they have sears and springs, triggers, recoil plugs, replacement barrels, magwells, trigger rings, blowback housings, and much more.

That’s one of the perks of putting money into really popular models of airsoft guns. Making upgrades and repairs is easy. Since everyone has them, every manufacturer is quick to get onto the bandwagon. All you need to do is find the right supplier to get you good prices and a good selection to complete your airsoft masterpiece.

That supplier is MiR Tactical, your premier airsoft store, mentioned above. Their selection is unrivaled and their prices are great too, and covered by a price match guarantee, might we add. Visit today to start making your desired upgrades, and if you need more information, call them at 800-581-6620.

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