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June 11, 2021

Your bedroom deserves to give you a good night’s rest. Relaxing aesthetics, comfortable bedding, carefully chosen bedroom accessories that complement the looks and your sleeping schedules, along with nightstands that offer the right amount of storage, should just be the exact things for a stylish yet relaxing bedroom. 

Here are several different accessories that can help redecorate your bedroom space:

1. Nango-19 set:
This bedroom set is styled with a seamless waterfall edge and is carefully measured to suit any surface. The nango-19 set is the answer for a setup for any person working from home. These desks come with cable management storage spaces along with two Velcro power bank holders. It has protective underbody feet that make it easy to install on any surface. It offers a convenient space for storage and shelf space for a computer monitor. It has a gap where you can store your keyboards and keep your working space clutter-free.

2. Orimba bed:
The Orimba bed is built with a low Scandinavian frame with sleek Japanese influences. The bed exists to support your sleep for many years effortlessly with its minimalist style. If you are looking for a double bed, you can get the same features without any compromises. There are king and queen size beds available for the people who want all the space when they sleep! You can choose from five

3. Orimba bedside table:
The Orimba bedside table is designed to feel sturdy. It’s made from the best materials, which gives it a light and minimal look. The Shadowline grip is becoming popular lately, and the trend is set to rise in the coming years. The u-grip is best known for its simplicity and ease of use. The O grip is functional as well as elegant when it comes to design. Which one’s your pick?

4. Orimba skinny tallboy:
This is a tall chest of drawer that is perfect for small bedrooms. Its tall nature makes it perfect for taking advantage of its height and offering plenty of storage space in the bedroom. It offers maximum storage while keeping a low-impact profile, making it a versatile piece for your bedroom. You can choose from five different timbers as well.

5. Om:
Om is a drawer cum table. It is handcrafted locally in Melbourne using Australian hardwood. This piece of furniture is a testament to minimal design. With a smooth press catch opening and elegantly chamfered edging, you’ll be making a statement by not making a statement. 

So, what will be the choice of accessory to renovate your bedroom space? The options are plenty, and there’s one for every type of bedroom. Classic, contemporary or outright modern, there’s a piece for everyone. What’s your pick? 

Naco design and creates their furniture in houses with no involvement of middlemen or imports. The policy of the company has been to seek out new sources of design. They boldly use an eclectic team of designers, and at every stage of product development, they question themselves whether the product will be accepted at an international level but even more so for their Australian audience. For the past decade, they have had opportunities to meet and work with designers of all backgrounds on numerous projects that they were able to learn and keep pushing their standards.

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