June 26, 2018

The Affiliate Marketing (or internet marketing) is very similar to offline marketing. Basically the central concept for this business is to unveil an urgency on individuals, a problem in their lives and find a product that they solve this problem, something they like to walk. This is for me, the concept that must be followed.In the beginning there is a lot tend to seek the right product to promote, in my opinion this is WRONG. You should always focus our research on consumers, individuals seeking dissatisfied with something, seeking a quick solution to your problem. Clearly the more desperate they are, the greater will be the conversion rates.The function of an “internet marketer” (sorry but I could not find a translation for this profession that sounded good in Portuguese) is precisely align these two entities: a consumer and a product.

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Everybody wins in this process: Consumers who are accustomed to go to the Internet to search for a solution to all your difficulties and products more economic than those sold in conventional stores (right?). The merchants (let’s call it that companies that have products to sell) because they have thousands of vendors to do the marketing work for free, do not have to invest peva to sell the product using this system Affiliate Marketing; We, internet marketers, because commissions earned big bucks (to reach 90%) for sales made (and not returned).

In affiliate marketing, there may be a fourth element, and in most cases there, which is the affiliate network. An affiliate network basically makes the connection between the merchant and internet marketer. A company does not need to have a large presence on the net to join the scheme, just having a website for sales and sign up for an affiliate network (eg Clickbank, Peperjam, ComissionJunction, etc The network also gives more security to the Internet marketer, because these networks are secure and guarantee that there will be difficulties at the time of payment of commissions.

Another advantage is that by promoting a netent casinos review product, we can not reach the minimum threshold for payment and we get commissions attached to the can. When we promote several products of a network is much easier to argue that this is because all the committees together into one.You do not need its own product to become an internet marketer, there are thousands of companies that crave them who can sell the products.

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