Methods for Using Voice Search to Optimize Your Magento Store

June 11, 2021

Because of the simplicity of navigation and availability, voice searches are rapidly gaining popularity. So, if you’re seeking for features that will help you take your UI experience to the next level, incorporating Voice search in your store with custom Magento development is a terrific idea.

According to data, approximately 27% of people worldwide utilise voice searches to research desired products. With the growing popularity of smart speakers, this number is expected to skyrocket in the near future. Adapting to voice search technology might thus be a terrific approach to improve your user interface and gain access to bigger earnings.

Tips & Tricks for Creating a Fantastic Voice Search Feature

One can easily construct an awesome Voice search to improve the UX of their online store with right planning and strategy. Furthermore, with the assistance of a reputable Magento development company, merchants can customise the voice search tools and their functionality to meet their specific business needs. As a result, using voice search to increase revenues becomes quite simple and successful. The following are some excellent tips and tactics that anyone may utilise to make their eCommerce store’s voice search functionality more beneficial to their customers:

Mobile Optimisation: If you want your Magento2 store to appear at the top of a voice search result, it must be mobile-optimized. Because mobile phones are used for the bulk of voice searches for products, your site will most likely be accessed via mobile devices. As a result, having your site mobile-friendly is a must.

Proper term usage: Proper keyword usage for voice searches is also required to make your services and products appear accessible. Using long-tail keywords to optimise your site to make it available to voice search users is usually important. Because the terms in voice searches are typically longer than those in text searches.

Speed Optimization: Most individuals who use voice searches want to discover a solution quickly. So, in order to optimise your site for voice search, it must also be speedy. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, ranging from employing a fast JS framework for components to using lightweight UI components. One of the most important strategies for a fast-loading site is to keep your theme lightweight and avoid packing heavy coding in the Frontend. Because it lengthens the loading time and slows down your site.

Google Zero Blocks: By using Google Zero Blocks, you may keep your answer at the top of the Voice search results. Furthermore, Google Voice searches will read it aloud. This will make your website more accessible to customers. As a result, this can be a fantastic benefit for your site’s traffic and popularity, which is a gateway to more sales.

Analyzing voice search customer activity: One of the most underappreciated and vital components of making your site a flawless solution for consumers using voice searches is to analyse consumer behaviour. You can simply gain a deeper insight of their preferences by analysing how Voice search users react to your items and websites. These statistics might then be used to improve your site based on the needs of your customers.

Voice searches have recently grown in popularity. And they have a high chance of becoming a user favourite. So, if you want to improve your user experience, adopting voice search optimization is an essential for unlocking your company’s full potential. So, use the above-mentioned strategies and tactics to open the doors to bigger sales now.

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