Suhel Seth || 3 NGOs in India That Have Revolutionized Healthcare

June 30, 2020

Kindness – the highest virtue– has always brought us together to fight the evils prevailing in our society. India – the country that houses around 1.3 billion people – has always thrived to become a conscientious nation. No matter how well the vices have fooled us, we have always bounced back stronger than ever. We never rejected our core values but embraced them to achieve a bigger goal – a healthy, virtuous, and prosperous society where everyone has access to basic amenities like education, healthcare, and food.

According to DownToEarth, India is home to nearly 3.2 million registered Non-governmental Organisations, commonly referred to as NGOs. These volunteer-led organizations have been helping common people throughout history. In the current times, these groups are leading the way our nation functions at the root level as far as societal aspects are concerned.

With a prime goal to serve society, the top NGOs in the country are at the forefront, fighting relentlessly for social causes. When we particularly talk about healthcare, one of the most basic provisions, we will find that the sector feels crippled, with enormous pressure and comparatively fewer resources and amenities. To share their burden and ensure that every individual gets access to advanced healthcare, numerous NGOs are constantly working in India.

A few success stories are worth sharing. Have a look:

1. HelpAge India

There are millions of elderly who are at no advantage, health-wise and financially. This hampers their life-journey in a plethora of ways. To empower such individuals, HelpAge India came into existence in 1978. From running multiple free mobile healthcare programs to other welfare and development programs, HelpAge India is empowering the disadvantaged elderly population of India by enabling them to live a healthier, dignified life. The NGO works in close collaboration with Senior Citizens Associations and has been honoured with awards like NGO Leadership & Excellence Award, Chairman’s Challenge Award, etc.

2. Smile Foundation

Inspiration is worth leading a revolution – this is what a young team of corporate professionals has been proving since the establishment of the Smile Foundation in 2002. Peter Senge, the man behind this inspiration, led these individuals to work for the underprivileged communities of India in a holistic manner.

The slum-dwellers in urban India are not aware of the ailments and how the healthcare system works. Smile Foundation has been helping such individuals by bringing the healthcare facilities within their reach. They also work towards spreading awareness in the community about various ailments besides their treatment options.

3. Ila Trust

Another notable Non-government Organization that has been constantly serving the underprivileged people in India is Ila Trust. With Suhel Seth, founder and managing partner of the consultancy firm – Counselage India, as its chairman, Ila Trust has been helping the financially deprived people of Delhi by providing them access to numerous mobile healthcare programs. They organize free health camps and run programs pertaining to health and nutrition. Established in 1994, it also helps create awareness among the poor and needy about crucial aspects like hygiene, child care, and birth control.

All the aforementioned NGOs have been acting like saviours in the lives of disadvantaged individuals in India. Hope you will support them in their endeavours and help create a better India that breathes all-inclusiveness to the core!

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