These 5 Spicy Maharashtrian Dishes Are A Must-Try For Winters!

January 10, 2022

Winters call in for spicy food! If you go across regions in Maharashtra, you’ll see how from the coastal region of Konkan, to the East-Indian community to the Agri, each region and community has their own spicy dish, which is made without fail in winters. Eating spicy food in winter is a practice which is followed across the world and Maharashtra is no different. The kolhapuri or Nagpur missal made with Goda masala or even Kaala masala, is known for that mild sweet yet spicy flavour! The people form the Malvan region of Konkan take pride in their Malvani masala which has passed on from generations! This uniquely crafter-hand pounded masala is used to make the Malvani fish or Chicken curry, which is spicy, flavourful and a must-try for every person! As a kid, when we used to visit our Aaji’s house in Konkan, Malvani Chicken curry and vada which is just a Maharashtrian version of puri, ususlayy mononymously known as Kombdi vade was one thing we savoured until the last bite! If you like eggplant/brinjal, you could make bharli vangi which literally translates to stuffed eggplant, where the eggplant is roasted on the stove, stuffed with a filling made with peanuts, cumin, dry coconut, goda masala and other spices and then it is dunk into a curry base made with lots of spices! This spicy Maharashtrian version of eggplant is definitely a must-try for everyone. Moving on, if you want to level up on the spice scale, and you’re a non-vegetarian you could definitely try the iconic spicy Kaala mutton! Made with kaala masala, and lots of other ground spices, this meat dish looks dark brown, almost black, hence the name! There’s Chicken Sagoti on the other hand, is a Malvani dish, made with malvani masala, a curry base made with coconut milk, poppy seeds, star anise, and more such spices which make it a perfect spicy dish to end your winters with!

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