Coaching or not coaching? by best NEET/JEE coaching in indore

September 18, 2021

Today, 90% of the student community fears failing in 10th/12th board exams and feels that joining tuition classes is the last resort. Students argue that there is low teacher attendance in schools and this hampers their score cards, so it is worthwhile to seek help from tutoring classes as they prepare them well and complete the syllabus. These days, if the students have not joined any coaching institute, it means that they are in the last hour of the doomsday. So-called NEET coaching institutes have spread such terror. The mere fear of not attending any tuition class makes the student feel harassed and deprived, as they feel that the whole purpose of education is to crack the competitive exam and nothing beyond that.
Students today do not feel the need to understand that tutoring is needed only when there is a real need. If a student is weak in maths, he needs to take help through tutoring, but not otherwise. Their rigid mindset makes them believe that the aim of education for students learning through K12 education system is 10-12 years’ time to prepare for competitive exams! And so coaching is essential. In fact, the entire education system has not created a conducive environment for self-study and the minds of the students are programmed with the idea that tuition is an essential part of their curriculum and they cannot do anything by themselves. There are many students who think that by joining coaching they will get miraculous results and hence they as well as their parents are constantly looking for the best branded NEET coaching institute in indore around them which are, in fact, more than many private institutes. helps. sprung up across the country. Similarly, a student of Madhya Pradesh State Board is happy to score high marks in class 12th (90% and above) as he/she will be able to secure admission easily, but unfortunately lacks basic general knowledge, street smartness and conceptual knowledge. This student is definitely not prepared to face the struggles and will not be able to clear the entrance exams like NEET/JEE or any international competitive exam as they demand competencies in practical and analytical areas which they have developed in their own right. not learned during the school curriculum. So whether it is in school or coaching, the emphasis is on the rote aspect rather than the practical. If only schools take the right to provide practical education, there will be no need for additional support or coaching institutes. It is already a known fact that education system in India has a theoretical curriculum apart from lack of infrastructure, poor student teacher ratio, lack of health and safety measures, poor transport system etc. Large institutions like MGCI/Allen/Aakash/Bansal etc. advertised the tuition class requirement so strongly that every student and parent has religiously signed the act and are unknowingly falling prey to the prevailing herd mentality. This is a big commercial business in which many such private institutes are benefiting financially as the parents are ready to pay the high fees just thinking that the coaching institutes give them their dreams of getting their kids admission in famous universities. will help you complete it. The worst part is the universities they are dreaming of joining, like AIIMS/IIT etc. Doesn’t even rank among the top 300 universities in the world!
The whole idea about coaching is the fear in the mind of the students as well as their parents that what will happen if they fail in the competitive exams and hence the coaching! No wonder we are seeing many drop outs from schools and the number of anxious and frustrated students is increasing day by day, which clearly shows that coaching is not the solution to educating young minds. On the contrary it is disastrous and distorting the younger generation to fall prey to the lost identity. They have forgotten to use their full potential and out-of-the-box thinking ability. So, not a firm for coaching institutes. It’s just a business! There are other options to explore as well. Those who claim that coaching provides students with a fair amount of knowledge, confidence and learning that they do not get in the formal framework of education such as schools and universities, need to know that real knowledge is self-study and/or education. Or can be obtained through reference. Develop critical study material, cultural awareness, conceptual, self-driving, and analytical skills and much more in a more theoretical way and it is certainly possible if the student decides not to attend tutoring classes to take on the responsibilities Very motivated or else to help himself deal with it. This decision will be possible only with the cooperation and encouragement of the parents and the school. A country’s economy and cultural values are identified through youth and employment as well as happiness statistics.
For the true development of a child, holistic education, skill enhancement be it school, family, or coaching institutes, all should promote real-world skills and knowledge rather than promoting rote learning. To adopt a holistic approach, schools need to control dummy admissions and reduce the number of students attending coaching classes. Rather every school should invest in quality teachers, teacher encouragement, career counselling so that the student can get all the necessary support to develop his skills and help himself to find the true meaning of education. I urge students and their parents to ask questions to make an educated decision.

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