How to Choose Coaching for the MPPSC Exam State Services Exam MPPSC

September 2, 2021

Q. How to choose which coaching institute to join?
When you are thinking of joining a coaching institute, do not go by their advertisements. Many institutes simply put names of toppers even if they might have just paid a visit to their institute for an open mock interview because it was free. There are gradations of the level of association of a topper with an institute, and you need to recognise it before deciding to join them.
It’s always advisable to take the opinion of people who had already taken mppsc coaching in that institute to make an informed decision. Their feedback should be given more weight, not pamphlets or advertisements.
Q. What about the competence of teachers at coaching institutes?
Many a time, aspirants (especially beginners) place too much trust and credibility in mppsc coaching in indore teachers. Some teachers are indeed good but some are plain terrible. Especially in specialised subjects such as optional, reading standard books and referring to internet will tell you whether what you are being taught in coaching institutes is accurate or just rubbish.
You can also search for topper’s blogs on that particular subject who would have put an accurate account of his/her opinion about the institute.
Q. Should I take coaching for GS?
General Studies is not quantum physics. MPPSC only expects candidates to have a generalist understanding of a wide range of topics. So if you have the material with you and can study on your own, you will be able to understand the subject and hence GS coaching isn’t really necessary. You only need to go the market, buy the relevant GS material or coaching notes and study on your own.
Q. How helpful are Test Series at coaching institutes?
Many aspirants commit one fundamental mistake: they read and revise, over and over, but never practise. Remember that the examiner checking your copy will have no idea about the number of books you’ve read or the number of hours you’ve slogged. Your answers are all that he has to judge you. So it makes sense to learn it, practise it and perfect it.
MPPSC Test series definitely helps in that sense because it trains your brain to get the hang of how the actual exam feels like. You write tests so that in the final exam you are not taken in by surprise.
So even if you practice daily answer writing, you should write full length tests within dedicated time limits. Writing such tests with all the seriousness of an actual exam will teach you to manage time and give an incredible insight into where you are going wrong. The feedback on your answers will also help you get an independent, critical perspective.
Moreover, you need to remember that Mains exam demands not only our memory and intelligence, but also endurance. If you lack prior practice, writing relentlessly for 6 hours a day and do this for 5 days will cause both mental and physical fatigue. The only way to overcome it is to practice enough before the final exam.
If you want to run a marathon, you cannot simply show up on the race day and expect to run 42 km— it needs prior training. Same goes with Mains. By joining a good test series, you will get such practice and it prepares you both mentally and physically for the final battle.

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