What are TMT Bars and why are they used in construction?

April 6, 2020

TMT or thermo-mechanically treated barsare an essential component of most construction projects, owing to their superior bonding with concrete, weldability, and yield strength. They’re designed to provide the necessary reinforcement to concrete cement mixes, while ensuring that projects arestable and secure long-term.

Introduction: What is TMT?

TMT steel is thermo-mechanically treated, involving heat treatment and mechanical deformationto increase its strength, weldability, and stress-resistance by refining its microstructure. It goes through multiple heating and cooling processes to enhance its mechanical propertiesand yield strength.

Why TMT is used in construction projects?

Before TMT was introduced in the marketplace, construction firms worked with mild steel (plain low carbon steel-no alloys) bars for small-scale developments.These bars were unable to provide the necessary tensile strength and weren’t designed to have optimal bonding with the cement-concrete mix.

HYSD (High Yielding Strength Deformed) bars were then introduced, with specially designed ribs that enhanced bonding, while providing 60% greater strength (as per IS 456: 2000). Tor (Toriseg Steel Corporation of Luxembourg) and CTD (Cold Twisted Deformed) bars were introduced for industrial & large-scale constructions.

With time, TMT became the rebar of choice for most construction firms globally. It offers better ductility, malleability and has higher yield strength. Firms can also lower their steel usage by upto 20% when opting for high-quality TMT bars.

TMT is also highly corrosion-resistant, while being lighter in weight and easier to transport. It’s adept at absorbing seismic energy effectively, which is why construction firms also prefer working with high-quality TMT bars.

Manufacturers focusing on steel production for the construction industry, also develop specific grades for specific projects. E.g. an Fe 500 provides 500 N/mm2 of yield strength, which is perfect for residential and small-scale construction projects.
We can further analyse in detail the unique characteristics of TMT bars that make them the preferred choice in construction.

Superior reinforcement strength

TMT is designed to offer durability, structural stability and enhanced reinforcement to construction projects. While project managers can select the right gradewith the right yield strength, TMT is generally considered to be a much stronger reinforcement bar. A high-qualityTMT saria has a higher load-bearing capacity, while being free of surface irregularities and deformities.

High weldability

TMT is developed to be highly weldable, allowing engineers to design complex and aestheticallyoriented construction. The lower carbon contentenables construction firms to use TMT across all projects seamlessly. High quality TMT can also be easily butt-welded, arc-welded, and lap-welded, without pre-heating.

Excellent bendability

The superior bendability of TMT makes it the perfect reinforcement bar to leverage for scale-driven and design-focused construction projects. TMT is also easier to work with, as it increases output and productivity owing to its ductility and malleability.

High corrosion-resistance

Modern constructions need to be highly corrosion-resistive to ensure longevity and durability. TMT steel is designed using quenching, which is one of the most integral processes in the development of the product. This ensures that there is limited presence of anycoarse carbide, which may lead to corrosion within the TMT steel.

Superior cement-bonding

The ribs on the surface of the TMT bars ensure superior bonding with cement, thereby increasing the structural stability of the construction. The leaders in the space of TMT steel focus on optimizing these rib-patterns through premier manufacturing process to enhance TMT bonding.

Optimizing procurement of TMT bars

Construction companies and contractors can optimize the procurement of TMT bars by comparing different brands that offer similar grades and dimensions. Online procurement platforms such as BuildSupplyalso allow buyers to review different TMT bar brands that offer greater seismic resistance, anti-corrosiveness and higher yield strength.

For example, a TMT Tiscon price list can be directly compared with a JSW Neosteel price list to better review features and benefits. Buyers can alsoreviewpayment terms, logistics, unloading/storage process, etc. prior to engaging with TMT suppliers. The leading manufacturers and distributors also provide on-site testing protocols so that buyers can directly testtheir quality compliance.
In Conclusion

TMT is a highly dependable construction reinforcement solution having excellent weldability, ductility, yieldstrength and corrosion-resistance. Project managers can focus on acquiring the right grade of TMT based on their project scope and requirements. Smart procurement platforms such as BuildSupply allow buyers to review multiple brands within different grades and types, thereby helping in making better purchase decisions.

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