5 Remote Team Building Activities with a Big Impact for Any Event

January 10, 2022

Are you looking for some effective team-building exercises in order to bring your team together? If so, then you need to try your hands on virtual team-building activities. Covid-19 has disturbed almost all the businesses across the world and most teams have been forced to switch to remote. 

In case, your company is also one of them then don’t worry because virtual team-building games can help your remote teams to grow and create a strong bond. 


What is virtual team building?

Virtual team buildings mainly mean forming human-to-human connections between your remote team members. Creating such kinds of bonds is not only going to promote team harmony but also ensure streamlined communication as well as enhance productivity.  

In this article, you will come across 5 remote team-building activities that can have a big impact on your remote team. 


Virtual Team Building Activities 

After almost two years of remote work with minimal social interactions, you can experience that your team is ready to have fun and socialize at the same time. All this is possible only with online team-building activities

Here are 5 virtual team building activities, you can give it a try:


Virtual escape room

There is a heist to grab an expensive assortment of precious jewels. You and your team are required to find the jewelry before time runs out. A virtual escape room is a perfect team-building activity that will not only foster collaboration but also ensures creative problem-solving & brainstorming. 

This team-building activity ensures that your team comes together and discovers unseen clues as well as solves complicated challenges. 


Virtual clue murder mystery 

In this activity, teams will race behind the clock as they try to solve the secret behind the murder of Neil Davidson. When your team members will assess clues, evaluate case files, and become detectives, their collaboration, problem-solving skills, communication, and rational thinking will be intensified. 

Gradually, you will notice that virtual clue murder mystery is an exciting and fun team-building activity for your entire remote team. 


Virtual team pursuit 

You need to know that team pursuit is one of the best ways for teammates to get to know each other in a much better way. It is basically a series of online mental, physical, mystery as well as skill challenges. 

While conducting such types of activities, you will notice that the communication skills of the team members are enhanced. Along with this, hidden talents of the colleagues can also be seen. 


The team quest

In case you are looking for a laugh-inducing game that comprises the right amount of competitiveness then don’t miss out on this virtual team-building activity. No matter what the size of your group is, you and your team will simply love playing this exciting game. 

Through this game, you can test the knowledge of team members and also see how well you understand your colleague. 


Virtual do-good games

Before the time runs out, do as many challenges as possible. Each unique challenge is going to offer you different points that will be converted into the charity of your choice. In this way, you can build your team and work for some good cause as well.

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