The Most Eye-Catching Diamond Rings in a Variety of Designs

September 13, 2021

If there is one thing that every woman wishes for after equal rights then it is a stunning and shimmery diamond ring. But those who do not wish to invest in diamonds or do not have the budget to do so can always go for Moissanite rings, which are available in the same patterns as the latest diamond ring designs.

Moissanite is said to be derived from a crater formed when a meteor had hit the surface of the Earth. Its uncanny resemblance to diamond initially made the scientists believe that it is a diamond, but it was later found to be silicon carbide. This gem has its brilliancy with amazing durability and its appealing price. It is extremely similar to diamond in terms of shapes, sizes, durability, but at a much lower rate than diamonds. So, if you are looking for a diamond ring online, do check the various Moissanite ring designs.

Moissanite gemstones are of two types, white Moissanite and Forever One Moissanite. Although the most popular shapes are oval, round, emerald, and princess, there are other ring patterns that are extremely gorgeous such as rings having a pave band with multiple stones, or twisting or halo band designs. Here are some of the most unique diamond rings new designs that you should have a look at.

Lotus Halo Moissanite Ring

This ring is made of 14KT white gold, filled with a sparkle of larger accent diamonds of 0.35 carats. The gemstone used is Forever One Moissanite of 0.50 carat. This halo ring has full and sparkling diamonds that make the center look larger.

Three Stone Tapered Baguette Moissanite ring

This ring features a three-stone style with classic tapered baguettes and round paving stones. The metal used is 14KT white gold and the ring possesses 16 accent stones in total. The carat weight is 0.46. You can look up this diamond ring online.

Heirloom Milgrain Moissanite Ring

This ring is an excellent combination of sparkle and intricate metalwork. It has two larger accent diamonds, which total up to 0.1 carats, that flank the center Moissanite. The metal is rose gold with detailed designs which gives it a classic appearance.

Vine Moissanite Ring

This ring is available in white as well as rose gold. It has romantic metal vine twists with a diamond centered in the middle to give it a stunning look. This classic ring weighs 0.19 carats. This is one of the latest diamond ring designs.

Twisting Under Halo Moissanite Ring

This rose gold engagement ring is curved and tapering with 0.24 carats of diamonds that encircle the Moissanite. This belongs to the contemporary collection.

Two-Tone Bypass Moissanite Ring

The thing that gives this ring a classic and modern unique twist is that it can be customized by adding one or two different tones of metal. It comprises one large Moissanite tapered with many smaller diamonds, and it weighs 0.3 carats.

To sum up

Moissanite rings are affordable alternatives for diamond rings. Diamond rings of new designs are widely available in many of the online jewelry shops that offer you diamond rings at great prices.

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