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October 11, 2021

In Indian households, especially in the northern part of the country, chapati is an essential part of one’s daily meal. Chapatis are not just filling but add flavour to any dish, be it lentils, vegetables, cheese or any other dish. Chapatis also come packed with numerous health benefits that make them a necessary part of our diet. Read on to know why it is beneficial to have home-cooked whole wheat rotis. Rotis can be easily made on a roti maker. If you are considering buying one, check out one of the Rotimatic review to understand the machine’s working and benefits.


Whole wheat rotis contain a lot of dietary fibre which aids in the smooth passage of stool. So people who regularly eat whole wheat chapatis will have a less chance of developing uncomfortable problems like constipation. If you have diverticular disease, then you must include whole wheat rotis in your diet. Since whole wheat is rich in fibre, it plays an important role in lessening the pressure on the intestines.

Prevents anaemia

If you constantly feel tired and weak, then most probably you are suffering from anaemia. The best way to fight or prevent anaemia is by having chapatis regularly. Whole wheat contains a substantial amount of iron which provides energy to the body. Whole wheat also has good amounts of vitamin B2 which helps develop red blood cells.

Even if you prefer rice, you should have at least one or two chapatis a day to make sure that your energy levels remain intact.

Controls blood sugar levels

Diabetic people need to be careful about what they eat. Because of their numerous benefits, whole wheat chapatis are good for diabetic people. These rotis help to keep blood sugar levels in check. Whole wheat has an abundance of magnesium, potassium and zinc. Magnesium is very effective because it generates insulin and also significantly reduces the absorption of glucose in blood. So start having chapatis regularly to boost insulin and keep diabetes at bay.

Benefits hair and skin

Whole wheat chapatis help nourish the skin and hair. They comprise antioxidants which help to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Whole wheat rotis also include other beneficial vitamins and minerals like fibres, zinc, potassium and vitamin B, to name a few. These qualities make whole wheat chapatis an essential part of one’s meal.

Whole wheat chapatis have many health benefits. Including them in your diet will lessen or prevent the occurrence of many diseases and medical conditions like anaemia, indigestion, diabetics etc. But if you are finding it tough to make nutritious chapatis at home, buy a Rotimatic roti maker. The machine is fast and efficient. All you need to do is put ingredients like flour and water into the machine and just push the button. In around a minute you will get a hot and nutritious roti. So to make your life convenient get a rotimatic today. If you are not too familiar with how roti makers work, read a Rotimatic product review to find more about the machine.

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