5 Smart Ways To Use Your Air Mile_ Sell My Miles

May 11, 2022

Every one of you must be aware that you can use airline miles for fabulous vacations. However airlines are making it more difficult to redeem miles for the flight that you want to take, or maybe you don’t want to travel. Some people would rather sell miles for cash for something else of value, although redeeming for flights is where you will get the most benefit whether you are an experienced traveller or someone just getting their feet wet.

The following ways will you with ways to spend your airline miles smartly:

1) Book a flight:
Booking a free flight is the best and obvious way to sell your miles. Put those airlines miles into use by booking flights through them. With enough points, you will be flying free of cost, and also, you would be gaining some more points on those flights. That sounds like a win-win situation.

2) Gift/Transfer miles:
You can always transfer or gift your miles to your loved ones. With those miles, you will help your loved ones fly for free. This means you can help a graduate to fly to UK, or newlyweds on their honeymoon, etc. The gift of travel is always special

3) Shop with miles:
You can redeem your airline miles by spending them on shopping! You can buy products or find good deals where you can utilise your airline miles the best. If your airline miles are about to expire and you won’t be taking a trip anytime soon, then put those airline miles to good use by shopping with it.

4) Donate your miles to charity:
If you are not going to use your airline miles, consider donating them to charity. Many charitable trusts can put your airline miles to good use. Donate your miles for a good cause, and help the underprivileged a chance to travel.

5) Sell Your Miles For Cash:
There’s always the option to sell air miles and earn cash! You can make a profit with your miles by selling it to a broker. If your miles are stagnant and you’re not going to use it anytime soon, then sell it for cash.

6) Book a Hotel with miles:
You can often use airline miles to book a hotel. This way, you can add a comfortable touch to your vacation. Redeem those miles to stay at a hotel of your choice. Put those airline miles to good use by redeeming it for hotel bookings.

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