Boost Your Baby’s Immunity This Summer Season: 4 Tips To Consider

September 9, 2020

Summer season is never easy for anyone and if you are a parent of a newborn or have an infant at home, you are bound to be frantic about how to keep your little baby cool during this time. Fret not and relax! The best way you can make them fight off skin problems and seasonal illnesses is by developing their immune system. While your grand mom must have definitely given you some home remedies to increase your baby’s immunity, here we share some easy tips to supercharge your baby’s immunity and keep them comfortable in the hot summers:

1. Give your baby the colostrum boost: Nothing can replace the goodness and rich nutrients of mother’s milk. It is a proven fact that breastfed kids are much healthier and have fewer allergies than those who are given formula milk. This is because the first milk- ‘colostrum’- contains immune boosting antibodies that help the baby fight off common viruses and infection. So make sure you give your baby breast milk as it will not only keep them hydrated but will also give them an extra dose of super immune power.

2. Add immunity boosting food to your baby’s diet: Your baby’s immune system (which is still developing) can take a hit if it is not supported by healthy food items. To prevent them from falling sick in the hot weather, it is best to add immunity boosting foods to the diet. If your baby has started eating solids, adding whole-fat plain yoghurt, sweet potatoes, brown rice and whole fruits like apples and blueberries will certainly benefit them. However, it is suggested to always check with your doctor before introducing any new food to your baby.

3. Include certified organic products in baby care routine: A baby’s soft and sensitive skin requires extra care in the hot summer months. So when you are picking skin care products for your uber delicate baby, it is best to go with the best certified organic baby shampoos and soaps as they are made from natural, bioactive extracts and do not contain any synthetic ingredients that can be harsh on their skin. It is advised that you look for products that are internationally certificated and guarantee certified organic baby products.‘s products are certified Cosmos Organic by Ecocert, which means that they are made with all organic ingredients, and no artificial chemicals. You can also use organic baby lotions, moisturisers, and organic coconut oil for baby to give your toddler’s skin the right nourishment it deserves.

4. Keep a check on the vaccinations: Vaccinations are a powerful way to build babies’ immunity and ensure that they are growing into healthy young individuals. Vaccines protect them against diseases and greatly help in strengthening their immune system. They boost the baby’s natural defenses to fight off dangerous viruses and bacteria that may invade their body in the summer months. So keep vaccination as a priority and make sure you follow an uninterrupted vaccination schedule.

Following these simple tricks will surely help strengthen your baby’s immune system and keep their health in top-notch condition. Remember that choosing a healthy lifestyle overall is key to boosting your little angel’s immunity.

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