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May 17, 2022

It’s not about what happens to you no one escapes adversity no one lives free of discomfort or misfortune or struggle no it will always be about what you do with what happens to you in other words it’s not the event it’s the response not the obstacle but the ability to navigate around it not the wave but the ability to ride its momentum to something greater it is not what happens to you it is what you do about what happens to you the famous roman emperor and stoic philosopher marcus aurelius said you have power over your mind not outside events realize this and you will find strength and i think this realization comes down to the fact that there is always a way buried underneath it all something powerful to leverage but getting to the value calls for a rewiring a change in the questions that we ask not how could this happen to me but how can i be better tomorrow than i am now because of what happened to me not can i still be that person or accomplish what i set out to but i am that person now how will i adjust my path so that i get there we are operating within a world of value limitless opportunity the difficulty simply pushes us to that value faster expedites the process it forces us to open our eyes and see that the world works for us so you take for example the fear of starting something new that fear it doesn’t have to be an end point or a red light indicator fear doesn’t mean you’re not qualified or prepared or equipped it simply lets you know that you have finally acquired the courage to step out of the safety of the only world you knew and into the turbulence of growth onto the path of something better and where it’s easy to move away from that feeling to turn your back on the chaos and retreat to something simpler maybe something more predictable or contained what if you viewed the fear as the price that we all have to pay to pull the curtain back on the best things life has to offer changing the question from will i be afraid to instead this is important this is meaningful ..

therefore it’s inevitable that i will experience fear but what will i do about it how will i conduct myself amidst the fear will i continue forward those are the questions that contain the value right i can’t keep the water from rising or the walls from caving in no that’s an inevitability where i’m going the worthwhile road always has its adversity but will i use that water to learn to swim the walls to climb to adapt and scale what will i make of this that’s the question that becomes the difference and sure you could stay away you could choose not to take the path that presents the danger and the turbulence you can attempt to contain the world around you by simply refusing to experience it but then of course you become presented with the question why intentionally refuse to cash in a winning lottery ticket do i diminish your gift in such a way if it’s not what you look at it’s what you see why see the world as an adversary why see yourself as less than you are the saying goes when you fight for your limitations you get to keep them you’ll never exceed the person you’ve decided yourself to be and yes the world can feel intimidating it’s unknown you in many ways can’t control the characteristics that make life what it is but you can always control you just like you can’t control the wind but you can adjust your sails you can’t control the ties but you can predict and plan and execute accordingly you control you and that is where the power is and of course there’s going to be times where that’s hard to see.
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but it’s not your first instinct to find the value take for an example a change a loss the end of a relationship the point where people uh tend to feel their lowest it hurts to have something and lose it to have what you were once so sure about challenged what you once believed in called into question.

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