What is virtual reality and how does it work

January 30, 2019

Virtual reality – an interactive three-dimensional artificial world created with the help of computer technology. Immersion in this world creates an illusion of the reality of what is happening. VR is able to affect all five human senses, to respond to its movements and actions.

So, a special helmet creates a three-dimensional image that reacts to the movements of the user’s head and even his eyes. Virtual reality rooms and special displays enable stereoscopic vision and immerse a person inside a three-dimensional object, which also changes according to the user’s body position and eye movement.
The suit of virtual reality or separately gloves are made of plastic exoskeleton and equipped with soft muscles. These devices also track the user’s position and are able to transmit tactile sensations to him.

Where are used VR technology
It all started with the interactive video game industry. Various simulators stood out in a separate class: riding a motorcycle, a car, piloting an aircraft, etc.

Today, virtual reality app development is widespread and used in various fields. Manufacturers use technology to promote their products and services. Designers and designers had the opportunity to use three-dimensional images of their projects. Visual models of geo-information data will be useful in the development of mineral deposits.

The broad scope of VR is personnel training and education in a broad sense.

What can you learn in virtual reality
Virtual training and retraining of railway workers, aircraft pilots, training of athletes and police officers, the introduction of simulators for training in medical specialties made the formation of specific skills easier, more accessible and safer.

The VR leader in the educational field was the Anatomuoy app, which allows schoolchildren and students to immerse themselves in the study of human anatomy. Successful experience inspired developers to create diverse learning applications, and today, with the help of advanced technologies, you can go explore outer space, dive into the world of atoms, take part in complex chemical experiments, and observe historical events with your own eyes.

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