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October 4, 2021

If you’ve never experienced it before, why not explore the many comforts of a serviced apartment on your next trip? Service apartments in Coimbatore offer plenty of space and attentive service for the same price as a hotel room or less. If you don’t fancy tripping over your suitcase in tiny rooms in Coimbatore, then only a spacious serviced apartment will do.

A serviced apartment also has all the comforts of home but without the burdens required to maintain it. It comes with a dedicated housekeeper trained to understand your preferences.

Also, you should opt for a serviced apartment over Coimbatore room booking services because it has a fully-equipped kitchenette with an electric hob, microwave oven, and fridge. And if you require fresh, clean clothes every day, there’s also a built-in washer and dryer.

Luxury of space

Space is the ultimate luxury and there’s a lot of it in any of our serviced apartments. Choose from spacious studios and one-bedroom apartments to sprawling three-bedroom residences and even duplex penthouses.

Since a serviced apartment is generally spacious than a standard hotel room, there is certainly zero chance of cabin fever. Plus there is also the privileged option of entertaining visitors.

Suitable accommodation for all

Whether for business or pleasure, the size of a serviced residence always spells extra space for every type of guest. If you’re traveling solo on an extended stay, you can let visiting friends and family stay over comfortably. If you’re a couple on holiday, there’s little chance of stumbling over suitcases and shopping, for that you require accommodation near Hindustan College Coimbatore

Value for money

Another benefit of serviced apartments is it can be a more cost-effective alternative to booking multiple hotel rooms – especially if you’re going to be staying for a few nights at a stretch. With a longer stay and more occupants, you get much more for less.


Peace of mind in the Covid-19

Secure and sanitary surroundings are the top expectations of travelers these days. We give you assurance of certified sanitized rooms, safe distancing, and extended reservations flexibility. The premises and equipment are regularly and stringently disinfected, and the staff and guest temperatures are taken.  

Unique properties in great locations

And compared to a private home in a residential neighborhood, service apartments in Coimbatore are located in prime areas close to key business districts or within the city center. These place you closer to where you work and play, not only saving time and effort but also putting you nearer to a wider range of dining, nightlife, and leisure possibilities.



The serviced apartment’s kitchenette or kitchen is stocked with cookware, tableware, and cleaning aids. Prepare anything from quick microwaveable popcorn to elaborate full-course meals for a movie night or dinner party in your spacious apartment. Having the option to cook for yourself also caters to a wider range of diets, especially if you want to eat healthily or are just craving a taste of home.


If you are visiting the city, go ahead and book service apartments in Coimbatore rather than booking any hotel rooms in Coimbatore.

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