Technology or mentoring- think big

March 16, 2019

Students these days are pushed more towards the use of technology and have been introduced to new technology every now and then, due to which they lack in basic mentoring. They find it difficult to stand against the odds and problems occurring in daily life which only mentoring can help them solve. Mentoring fills them with a vision which not only helps them in their educational lives but also when they enter their practical life. We also can not forget the need for the knowledge about technology which is also vital these days. The world is all technology-based and there is no way we can live without technology. Therefore, technology is playing an important role in the educational system.

The system of education cannot be lead alone by either one of it. We need both technology and mentoring for the students to make the future of the students better and brighter.

Why mentoring is important

The students are not frequently offered mentoring. It is one of the drawbacks of the educational system. These days’ schools provide knowledge about technology but lack in providing proper mentoring. Mentoring is no doubt vital for students to help them discover their potential

Here are a few highlighting qualities who are properly mentored.

  • We see students who were mentored are more confident. They have a better relationship with their
  • They are filled with vision and much better ideas. They are also a lot more organized and function better.
  • Mentored students are able to pick what is best for them in terms of available opportunities. They also react maturely in uncalled situations.
  • Mentored students are more likely to stay away from drugs and participate more in extracurricular activities.


From all the many benefits of mentoring, we have discussed a few. We cannot forget the fact that how important mentoring is, in shaping a young mind and also helping them in organizing themselves. It will also make them capable enough to shape their future and make meaningful choices. However, we need more programmes to mentor our youth.

What technology contributes to mentoring

Mentoring is also possible if there is a provision of technology. Mentoring becomes more effective with the help of technology. We can use E-mentoring which will be more effective.

Technology will support or enhance the methods of mentoring and will help mentors to deliver efficiently. It will enhance the quality of mentoring.

Technology can help in a way that we can use videos or TV programmes to clear the minds of the individuals and help create a vision in them. Not only that, with the technology, we can use online sources to mentor as many people as possible and make it accessible to everyone.

Mentoring overcoming the technology barrier

Mentoring also helps in overcoming the barriers students face in technology integration. Most schools are not equipped with the latest technological devices, neither the infrastructure supports that. The schools need more sophisticated hardware and software and teachers who are able to teach the latest technologies to students. That is where schools face the technology barrier.

Knowledge of technology is significant for students in this era. There are lesser opportunities for the provision of technology that is where mentoring helps. Mentoring helps in overcoming the gap produced due to a lack of technological knowledge.

There are a few barriers which mentoring can overcome.

·        Vision

Technology will not fulfill the lack of vision, which mentoring can overcome.

·        Access

Technology needs the knowledge to access it, which only mentoring can help with.

·        Professional development

You won’t only need the technology but also need the mentorship to develop oneself professionally.

Final thoughts

We cannot keep arguing with the thought of whether mentoring is better or technology. If we think of a wider perspective we can see the positive effects of mentoring on the lives, not only in the teenage years but beyond that. The choice between mentoring and technology is very obvious. We cannot put off the need of both, mentoring and technology. Both have a imperative position in this era, where life is mostly based on technology and will move with the help of mentoring. This is the best essay help you decide the need for both and also why mentoring and technology is important.

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