Threat Intelligence – What It Is and Why Companies Need It

June 14, 2022

Working in cyber world is not easy though it offers phenomenal reach. You are exposed to myriad infiltrators that threaten the security of data and web assets. Companies report losses in millions caused by cyber miscreants. It is why the need to enhance threat intelligence has risen and is catching everyone’s attention. Let’s understand what it means and its top uses.

Threat Intelligence Meaning

Threat intelligence is the knowledge of the sources from where the cyber threats can arise and get information on the kind of damage these can cause. It encompasses actions like identification, preparation and prevention to combat attacks by gathering first-hand information about these. 

Organizations employ threat intelligence to stay prepared for the attacks using a proactive approach. The intelligence gathering is whole process that helps figure out security vulnerabilities, indicators of threat and the way of working of threats. It is just like understanding the source, the cause and the treatment of an infection that may hamper an individual’s health.

Use of Threat Intelligence 

The companies promise security of data to the users who approach them through online means. Threat intelligence proves effective in guarding the user information from the sniffers and stealers. The companies’ online business may come to a stand-still if their environment in invaded and taken over by the cyber miscreants. They can lose financial data, personal data and may get locked out of their own systems. It may lead to losses of mammoth nature and regaining the lost trust will be another feat to conquer.

The companies use threat intelligence to find out the possibilities and avert cyber-attacks with preemptive measures. They employ the specialists who have learned cyber security training courses and are qualified for the job. Apart from putting the plug on the loopholes, regular review of code and threats is done to stay prepared for any mishap in the future.

How To Learn Threat Intelligence

Cyber-security has become a full-fledge career. The qualified persons may be absorbed in the data and network security cell of the companies and departments that work using cyber tools. These jobs become easy to get with threat intelligence analyst certification course. In this course, the candidates learn about:

  1. Various types of threats such as malware, spyware, ransomware, etc. 
  2. Risk management protocols and ways to control risk
  3. Foundation of a secure network and principles of secure networking
  4. Systematic process of intrusion and malware security analysis
  5. Digital forensic processes and incident response techniques
  6. Risk methodologies
  7. Code and network review
  8. Network traffic inspection, etc.

A qualified cyber-security personnel can help make the organization’s system as robust as the building they use as premise. Just like a building plan is reviewed to ensure its security and safety, the business’s information management system and online working is to be checked for robustness on all security parameters. It requires intelligence and correct skills to do so. The best course on threat intelligence analysis can help you learn all this and eventually make a career in cyber-security. 

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