Various Ways To Drape Your Dupatta With A Salwar Kameez

June 15, 2022

Almost everyone adores a traditional dress that enhances their beauty while also bringing them closer to their culture. When it comes to Indian celebrations they are always in full swing, and most of us like to dress up in our finest apparel, whether it’s a traditional salwar kameez suit, Anarkali, or lehenga. These are some lovely possibilities, especially if you’re looking for anything specific. However, there is one item that may completely transform your appearance: your dupatta. The dupatta is an excellent example of how a simple salwar kameez can be enhanced with a well-draped golden heavy Gotta Patti net  dupatta, cotton or silk dupatta. 

  • The one-sided drape

A one-sided drape is the most ideal style for Anarkali suits with heavy dupattas, as it will allow your neck design to dazzle. Women frequently show off their Kurtis in the same way. You may not want to wear one anyway, but it is a more convenient option because your salwar includes extensive embroidery or zari pattern that the dupatta compliments.

  • The classic drape 

We must respect the traditional trends before moving on to more intricate designs and styles to match the salwar kameez. All you need is to drape that beauty across your shoulders for a simple method to look stunning. Although most women who wear salwar kameez with dupatta regularly wear it this way, it may be the finest way altogether. 

  • Shoulders enveloped on both sides

Allowing your dupatta to hang freely from both shoulders and enveloping your front torso is a simple method to drape it. It’s a simple and pleasant way to accomplish it that nonetheless looks nice because not many people do it.

  • Pleated drape

Collect the dupatta in folds or loosely collect it and hang it from front to back well fastened at the shoulder point on the other side. For example, a turquoise Gotta Patti silk dupatta looks best with a white or contrast salwar kameez.

  • The wrist and shoulder drape

You can wear a lovely turquoise Gotta Patti silk dupatta along either side of your shoulders with the other end wrapped around your wrist. Net or silk are the ideal choices because they are lengthy and easy to coil without falling off.

  • The royal style 

It takes its title from how deities dressed in ancient times and is commonly referred to as the gopi drape. The Rajrani style allows you to look royal not just at events and programmes, but also during special puja occasions. Lehenga Cholis, Punjabi and Patiala suits, and even shararas are ideal for draping a dupatta in this style. 


In conclusion 

In the present era, suit styling and dupatta draping are crucial since women need to stay updated with the latest trends and appear their best. The way you drape your golden heavy Gotta Patti net or silk dupatta may now make even an outdated salwar kameez look attractive. 


What is the best way to wear a dupatta to college?

You can wear basic suits with thick dupattas or drape the dupatta over trousers and a blouse top in a saree style.

What is the best way to wear a one-sided open dupatta?

One pin-up from the edge line at the shoulder and an equal length of dupatta on the front and rear swing free for the one-side free drape style.

What is the draping style of the dupatta at the elbow?

Elbow style: The elbow style is also not the most conventional; it is a little non-conformist and modern while maintaining a classic aesthetic.

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