6 Innovative New Technologies for Web Developers Read Here More

November 30, 2021

Innovation in technology is an important part of staying competitive in today’s web application development industry. In fact, the current rate of innovation has been found to be faster than in previous generations. As a web developer, you need to keep up with these innovations and leverage them to create innovative applications that you can sell on the market or use as portfolio pieces that demonstrate your technical expertise to potential employers. Here are six new technologies you should consider using in your next project.

1) JavaScript
While JavaScript may not be suitable for every situation, there are few languages that can claim to be as accessible, ubiquitous and flexible. And with its built-in array of functions, libraries and frameworks—from AJAX to jQuery—no other technology is quite so useful when it comes to creating complex web applications. While much has been made of HTML5 in recent years, it’s worth remembering that JavaScript will almost certainly play a central role in future web development projects.

2) Blockchain Technology
Now that you know what blockchain is, it’s time to discuss how it will change how we develop web applications. While bitcoin was built on top of a blockchain ledger, Ethereum takes those basic concepts and expands upon them. With Ethereum, you can use smart contracts to create applications that do much more than transfer digital currency from one entity to another. In fact, a single application built on top of Ethereum can function as a marketplace for selling a broad range of services and other assets.

3) Responsive Design
In a world of increasingly mobile users, responsive design is a must. This approach to web development offers an optimal viewing experience across all devices—whether you’re viewing on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. User interface elements automatically resize depending on whether you’re using a large screen or a small one.

4) Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is an umbrella term that describes any system that allows access to applications, data, and storage over a network. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of many cloud-computing solutions available—it enables you to remotely store data and run certain software without having to install it on your own hardware. While it’s most commonly used by large companies, AWS is scalable enough for even smaller firms.

5) Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Even as AI continues to creep into our daily lives, it’s still largely misunderstood. To better explain how AI works and why it’s here to stay, read up on these five new technologies that are set to impact web development in a big way: facial recognition, neural networks, natural language processing, virtual assistants and computer vision.

6) Big Data Analytics
Big data is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days, but what exactly does it mean? In essence, it’s just a way of saying that your company or app has accumulated so much information that analyzing it will require new technologies. Where many companies have been caught flat-footed in adapting to big data analytics is with regard to security. When you’re dealing with huge amounts of sensitive information, you have to ensure your employees and users are safe from cyberattacks.

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