Top 5 Areas and Affordable Societies to Rent in Karachi

November 27, 2019

There are not many tenants who can afford to stay in fine districts when it comes to renting an apartment in Karachi. Obviously, among the others, the cheaper regions are the most favored. Strangely, the average rental prices in these accommodation units have shown a very regulated increase and fall, as every property dealer in Karachi has noted. Perhaps this is the very reason why cheaper apartments are almost always high in the secondary areas of Karachi. So, if you too are finding budget-friendly apartments or houses on rent then read along with our list that we have specially curated out for your accommodation.

North Nazimabad

As per the current listing of almost every real estate dealer in Karachi, the average monthly rental price of a 2-bedroom flat in North Nazimabad was PKR 18,000 and for a 2-bedroom house is approximately PKR 28,000. Those looking to rent a 3-bedroom flat there would be required to pay an estimated monthly rental price of PKR 50,000-75,000 and for a 3-bedroom house, around 27,000-90,000 PKR.

Federal B Area

Per the stats recorded by our team, the average monthly rental price of a 2-bedroom flat in the Federal B Area ranges from PKR 15,000-35,000 and a house is 25,000 PKR. The average sale price of a 3-bedroom apartment, according to the portal’s stats, is PKR 35,000 onwards and house rent is for over PKR 22,000. You can also check out the listing pages for flats for rent in Federal B Area on the various online real estate property websites.


According to recent market rates, the average rental price of 2-bedroom apartments in Gulshan-e-Iqbal is PKR 23,000 and that of the house is PKR 27,000-38,000. While 3-bedroom flats are for over PKR 30,000 and houses are for 65,000 PKR-3 lakh PKR. But, that might go in luxury apartments for sale. However, it’s still cheaper than in posh areas.


Gulistan-e-Jauhar has clinched the fourth position on Karachi’s ranking among the most famous rental locations. The area has all the amenities needed for house seekers to the tenant. Everything that makes this place a perfect choice for you, from education and health institutes to fine dining and recreational activities. The average rental rate of a 2- bedroom apartment in Gulistan-e-Johar starts from 15,000-35,000 and around PKR 20,000-35,000. On the other hand, the rent of a house of 3-bedrooms costs approximately PKR 35,000-60,000 and rent for an apartment would be between PKR 28,000-60,000.


Last on our list is a society that is miles away from the main city but before Bahria Town. Its a unique society with calm, greenery and almost all other facilities required in a neighborhood. Also, in its defense, Lyari Expressway and a few short-cuts lead you directly to the center of the city in just 35-minutes drive. Coming back to our point, the average rental cost of a 2-bedroom house is around PKR 18,000-25,000 and around PKR 13,000 of a flat. Whereas, the rent of a 3-bedroom house is around PKR 20,000-35,000 and PKR 15,000-45,000 of a flat.

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