Grow Your Taxi Ride Hailing Business With WAAVE Clone App

February 22, 2021

The Z generation loves to have everything at our fingertips. Convenience and comfort are the two things that people love and that the reason behind the increasing demand for On-demand app. There is hardly any industry left where these apps haven’t made an entry. Out of all on-demand services, transportation industry is one of the most sought after. With the kind of popularity, fame, and revenue it generates entrepreneurs are showing keen interest in building the WAAVE Clone App – a Ride-Hailing App.

So, if you are one of those budding entrepreneurs in the pursuit of developing the best ride-hailing app, you are on the right page.

How Does Waave Clone Work?

It hardly takes few minutes to book a taxi. However, the way WAAVE Clone App is designed ensuring that the rider has a hassle-free taxi booking experience. The workflow of the ride-hailing app of the Waave Clone includes

1. The user downloads and opens the app to enter the location for pick up and drop off.
2. The user gets the option for additional preferences like a Car seat, Facility for the disabled person, Gender preferences, and so on.
3. The app allows passengers to make online payments through a secured payment gateway within the app.
4. The driver receives the request and confirms.
5. If the driver rejects the request, the app automatically allocates it to another nearest driver.
6. The app system tracks the user if they are late this will add wait time charges.
7. The user can track the cab through the geo-tracking feature

The WAAVE Clone App comes equipped with separate panels with each of them having unique features aiming to make the ride-hailing app better.

User Panel: It is the primary application developed on both Android and iOS. It is the front-end of the app for the users allowing them to quickly login via social media account, phone number or email id. To book a ride is easy through user-friendly navigation.

Driver Panel: This panel available on ios and android allowing the drivers to register. Once their application is approved the driver can start immediately by accepting the trip request. The panel gives the driver the freedom to cancel the ride.

Admin Panel: The panel provides a 360-degree view to the admin ensuring that it is smoothly operating. It eliminates the need to hire resources thus saving your administrative costs, increasing productivity.

Wrapping Up

Developing an app like WAAVE is one thing and getting to that level of success is another. It requires careful consideration of various things right from market research, studying user preferences, competitor’s app analysis, to having a practical MVP budget.

Buying a ready-made WAAVE Clone App is the best way to kickstart your Taxi Riding Hailing business. Make sure that your taxi Ride Hailing App has a user-friendly interface, customized features like Live Tracking, Multiple payment options, Push-notification, Advanced search filters, In-app chat, Feedback, and ratings.

All you need is to connect with an app development company that can develop an app suiting your taxi business requirements. Check their testimonials, take the demo of the app before confirming. Review the kind of apps the company has developed and launched in the Play Store/ App Store to determine that it is the right decision you are making. Whether you are looking to build ride hailing business with WAAVE Clone or Uber Clone/ Lyft /Grab/ Curb Taxi app development collaborate with a niche app maker to get best out of your investment.

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