Should Teachers Go On Strike? Is It Good Or Bad?

May 14, 2019

Teachers should not go on strike. It is not good and not acceptable at any cost. If the teachers go on strike then because of it research students will suffers a lot. In the absence of teachers students do not get proper guide in conducting their academic research assignment. Because of it they take help from firms like assignment writing services. Though these firms conduct proper research for them but students failed to defend their thesis in viva voce. Because of it they declared unsuccessful in their research course.


However, in public sector schools teachers may go on strike in certain situations like getting low salaries against services or do not get any perks and benefits since long in against their services rendered. In such kind of cases teachers should go on strike, because it is one of the main important tools that improve the educational industry environment of a country.


It has been observed that teachers often go on strike to offer something better for the students. The only reason that forces teachers to go on strike is that government does not fulfill the needs of teachers properly. So, in such cases it is good for teachers to go on strike.

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