The Lowest Tuition Medical Colleges in the Philippines – MBBS in the Philippines

May 18, 2022

The duration of MBBS in Philippines is 6.5 years. There are two phases of this course, an 18-month Bachelor degree program followed by a four-year medical program. Following this, students must undergo a one-year internship as per MCI regulations. Upon completing the internship, students can apply for the competitive exams for MBBS in Philippines. The requirements for the entrance examination are listed below. Ensure that you meet the minimum requirements in all three phases.

There are different education systems at different universities, but in general, the Philippines has similar educational policies to those in the US. This gives you a competitive edge over other MBBS students. In addition to that, you can opt for jobs in the US, Canada, and the UK after completion of your course. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria, you can earn a top-notch medical degree. And the best thing about MBBS in Philippines is that it is very affordable.

MBBS in Philippines requires four years of classroom training, followed by one year of internship. Medical universities in the Philippines are fully approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), NMC, FAIMER, and WFME. In addition, you will need to pass the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) to gain admission in a medical school. After you have graduated from your course, you will have the necessary qualifications to practice medicine in the Philippines.

In addition to the quality of medical education, Philippines also offers a superb life experience to its students. Baldomero Olivera, Salvador Laurel, and others have made their mark in this country. English is the most common language in the Philippines, and you will receive guidance and teaching in English. Therefore, it is not necessary to pass TOEFL or IELTS exams before you can start your medical training in the Philippines.

In addition to quality education, Philippines also offers affordable tuition. Tuition fees for MBBS in Philippines are relatively cheaper than in India. While the total cost depends on the university and the student, it is still worth noting that the Philippines’ average tuition fee is fifteen to twenty-two lakhs per year. This amount is enough to cover the cost of living in the country. This is also a good value for money considering that the Philippines is one of the most affordable Southeast Asian countries for medical studies.

The National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) is the most important examination for prospective medical students in the Philippines. Students who do not pass NMAT are not eligible for admission into MBBS programs. This examination is conducted by the Commission of Higher Education. The pass rate in NMAT is about 80%, which is higher than the pass rates for all other pre-medical degrees. The Philippines also offers a very high standard of medical education – a great place to study medicine.

MBBS in Philippines is a good choice for medical students from India. Students studying in the Philippines have many benefits. Besides being in a friendly environment, the Philippines is a third-large English-speaking country with similar climatic conditions. There is also no language barrier and the cost of MBBS in Philippines is reasonable. The cost of education in the Philippines is approximately Rs. 15 to 25 lakhs for the first year. There are also dedicated Indian hostel facilities and a US-styled course structure.

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