How to Backup and Restore Google Workspace Mailboxes Data ?

July 3, 2024

G Suite is a cloud-based service that provides various services to small and large organizations. The G Suite gained popularity worldwide among organizations. So, sometimes the task of G Suite backup becomes essential for organizations for various reasons that we will discuss in this content, but before that, discuss the services that G Suite offers users. It provides Gmail, contact, calendar, and many more.

G Suite eases an organization’s work and helps them make business communication easy. We will discuss the solutions we will elaborate in this content to execute the backup and restore G Suite mailboxes process, the manual and Shoviv professional methods.

Significant reasons behind the backup process

  1. Having the backup of the G Suite mailboxes helps users avoid future mishaps and other unexpected situations.
  2. Making G Suite data easily accessible and portable to local storage.
  3. Spacing in the G Suite storage, we know that while organizations buy the subscription for the G Suite, they pay for the extra storage, so to avoid these charges, users do the G Suite backup into local storage.

The manual method for backup of G Suite mailboxes

The manual method users execute to perform this backup task is Google Takeout, which Google offers. It backups G Suite data in the MBOX file format. Additionally, this manual method has some drawbacks that we will discuss in this content.

Drawbacks of the manual method

  • It only backups if the size of the mailboxes is at most 50 GB.
  • Provide only MBOX file format to back up the G Suite mailboxes.
  • The manual method consumes too much time and has a lengthy process.
  • Users can’t resume or pause the G Suite backup process if it starts. Moreover, if the processes interrupt, users have to begin it from starting.
  • There are size restrictions in this manual method.
  • Admin can’t process this backup task for multiple accounts. Every user has to process this backup by themselves. Due to this reason, this task becomes very time-consuming.
  • There is no filter facility, incremental export option, preview facility and other facilities available in the manual method.

Above, we mentioned all the limitations users can face while performing the G Suite backup process manually. Hence, it would be better to use professional software to perform this task in an easy and hassle-free manner. Let’s talk about the alternative method that Shoviv offers to perform this backup task.

Shoviv professional method to backup G Suite mailboxes

We all know that organizations demand a solution that provides all services in a single software. Shoviv professional software allows users to back up and restores process in this software. Shoviv G Suite Backup and Restore Tool backup all the data of G Suite such as emails, contacts, calendars, etc. Moreover, this software works on a job-based process, and users can create and process various backup/restore G Suite jobs at a time. The speed of the process doesn’t affect even if users run multiple jobs concurrently. This software eases the user’s work and gives the result with 100% accuracy. Let’s discuss the additional features of the Shoviv G Suite Backup and Restore Tool.

  1. This software remains the folder hierarchy and meta properties of the data same even after completing the backup task.
  2. It provides various file formats to back up G Suite data, including PST, MBOX, MHT, MSG, and HTML.
  3. Moreover, it allows the addition of numerous G Suite mailboxes at once. This software does process multiple mailboxes in a single go without any hassle.
  4. The filter facility of this software allows users to filter the items. Users can add the desired items and remove the unwanted ones before processing this backup task.
  5. This software also restore G Suite data from various file formats such as vCard, ICS, OST, PST, EML, MSG, and MBOX file formats.
  6. The search option of this tool is very quick and able to find the desired items in a minimal time.
  7. Users can set the limit for the failed item counts, and the process will automatically stop if the limit crosses.
  8. A default incremental facility is also available that helps users in resuming the interrupted process and also prohibits the chances of data duplicity.
  9. This software has a scheduler option to schedule the G Suite backup process daily, weekly or monthly.
  10. It has a simple interface and is easily understandable to every user. Even non-technical and novice users also perform the backup task with ease.

Shoviv also offers a free trial version of this tool that users can download to check its compatibility. Users can process the first 50 items/folder in this free trial version with ease.

Wrapping up

We mentioned manual and professional methods to back up/restore G Suite mailboxes as we elaborated on the limitations of the manual method, so it would be better to use professional software to perform this backup task without difficulty. Additionally, professionals also prefer third-party software. Now, it all depends on your understanding of which method you want to execute to perform this backup task.

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