How to transfer email from Outlook email to Gmail email?

August 11, 2023

Everyone is aware of Outlook and Gmail email clients in this digital era. The popularity of these email clients is at the top all over the globe. Many business enterprises demand to transfer email from Outlook to Gmail mailboxes. Users have different perspectives for looking towards this migration task.

After the launch of Gmail in the year 2004, a large number of organizations, especially start-ups, start using it. Gmail offers many user-oriented features to make it easy for users to do their business work. A reliable platform to receive and send emails is a must for major enterprises.

So, many users find Gmail more reliable and easy to use, which is why they decide to go towards this migration task. With the help of this blog, we will cover a perfect solution to transfer email from Outlook to Gmail. Kindly read this blog until the end and get a robust solution to complete this task.

Ways to move towards the Outlook to Gmail migration

To process this migration task, users have two options, first is the manual, and the other is the professional tool. Most professionals only go for the professional third-party tool to transfer email from Outlook to Gmail mailboxes. The main factor behind not choosing the manual solution to do this task is that it is not a direct approach to moving emails to Gmail. Moreover, this solution can take lots of time to complete this task.

This is why users use a direct approach to migrate emails from Outlook to Gmail accounts. The Shoviv IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool is a perfect and instant solution if you want to move your Outlook emails directly to Gmail. Let us elaborate on its user-centric features to understand how this tool works.

Import email from MS Outlook to Gmail- An Easy solution

To do this task with an easy stepwise procedure, users can use the Shoviv IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool. This software enables adding numerous mailboxes and processes them to the Gmail account in a single click. Users can single handily operate this third-party tool without any issues. This tool will make the Outlook to Gmail migration task easy as a cakewalk by providing many user-oriented features.

Users can also use its filter option to transfer selective items from Outlook mail to Gmail mailboxes. Moreover, its filter option allows users to remove unwanted items easily before starting the migration procedure. The GUI of this tool is so simple, and new users can also transfer email from Outlook to Gmail mailboxes. It lets users process large-sized mailboxes from Outlook to migrate into Gmail.

The working of this tool is understandable to all users, even if you are a new user or from a non-IT field. Furthermore, users can schedule their migration tasks on a regular basis, like daily, weekly or monthly. One can also choose a specific time and date to do this task using Shoviv professional tool. This software is an automated solution, so users only have to choose email to move; the tool will automatically process the entire task.

Wrapping Up

This blog focused on the Shoviv professional third-party tool to effectively transfer email from Outlook to Gmail mailboxes. This software is a reliable solution to do this task with an easygoing process. Users can also use this software’s free demo version to learn practically about its features and working. The free demo of this tool allows moving the first 50 items from each folder to Gmail.

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