The Significance of Using Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracking on Trailers

December 22, 2022

What Trailer GPS Tracking Really Means Trailers may be more closely monitored from anywhere with the use of GPS trailer monitoring, also known as asset tracking. The trailer has a solar or battery-powered system installed that broadcasts a geolocation signal. The signal is picked up by a computer system, which then displays the location of the trailer on a map. Fleet management can track each trailer at all times with the use of this technology.

Every year, more and more businesses install GPS monitoring devices in their fleet cars. However, for many companies, vehicle monitoring is only scratching the surface. Trailers towed by semi-trucks are an invaluable asset for many companies, just like the items themselves. So, it’s clear why trailer tracking software is a must for efficient asset management.

Without a shadow of a doubt, GPS tracking GPS tracking is a fantastic tool for monitoring the whereabouts and activities of fleet cars and their drivers. Fleets that used fleet monitoring software saw a 55% reduction in fuel expenses and a 42% reduction in safety issues, according to data collected in 2022. More than half of those who have used fleet monitoring say it was money well spent (ROI). This exemplifies the usefulness of tracking systems.

But have you considered monitoring non-vehicular assets, such as trailers? There are a number of wired and wireless options for keeping tabs on valuables like these. Just in case you need further convincing that trailer tracking is worthwhile, consider the following benefits.
Due to the lack of an automated system, stolen or lost trailers or goods were unlikely to be found again. Before the advent of advanced technology, cargo theft was prevalent. Thefts of valuable goods are increasing in frequency. An estimated 1,059 cargo robberies will take place in the United States in 2020, up from 2019’s total of 797, as reported by CargoNet. Installing a trailer tracking system may aid in recovering a stolen trailer and deterring would-be thieves.

An additional function of trailer tracking systems is geofencing. You may restrict the movement of your cars and other assets to a certain area using geofencing. You will be immediately notified if a trailer is detected entering or exiting a restricted area without necessary authority.
AutoGuard Tracker is only one example of a trailer monitoring tool that maintains an electronic database of all of your assets. Details regarding the trailer, such as its manufacture and model, as well as its current location and state, may be found in a register of this sort. Keeping tabs on everything makes it easy to verify that your balance sheet accurately reflects your actual assets during periodic physical audits. Businesses lose money annually when assets like trailers aren’t properly tracked.

Using a trailer monitoring system, you may be alerted whenever events such as the opening or closing of a door occur inside the trailer. This is an essential function for trailers carrying perishable goods. If there is a drastic shift in temperature, you or your driver will be alerted immediately, allowing you time to take corrective action before the goods spoils.

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