How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress?

January 27, 2023

As of late, we are besieged with inquiries from our perusers. One famous inquiry was, “the manner by which to copy a page in WordPress?” It is a reasonable inquiry to pose to when you have a site that necessities content from another site. need logo design service

We will attempt to address that question in detail. Along these lines, continue perusing for additional.

The method to copy a page in WordPress is basic. Be that as it may, it additionally has minimal specialized detail. We will clarify it all. On the off chance that you have a WordPress site, at that point you should focus on the detail. It will help you along your excursion of progress.

How to copy a page in WordPress: Why to copy a page in WordPress?

At the point when you are dealing with overhauling of your WordPress site, at that point you absolutely need to reorder a current page for changes.

While replicating your page in WordPress, everything information can never be duplicated. You pass up highlighted pictures, SEO information, page layouts, and that’s just the beginning. need digital marketing service

That is the place where copying method gets helpful. Essentially, you may have two creators chipping away at a similar post. Along these lines, you need to make two drafts of a similar post to save all the information.

There are likewise numerous advantages to the WordPress copy page. However, we think you got the thought.

Copy a page in WordPress

Copy a wordpress page

The principal thing you will require is the copy module, which you can introduce from the WordPress store. Thus, you should introduce it.

After the establishment of the copy module, you need to go to the “Posts.” After at that point, you should choose the “All Posts.”

There will be two new connections, which will state “Clone” and “New Draft.”

At the point when you click on the “Clone,” at that point it will copy the post. In any case, it won’t open the post in the post supervisor. need website development service

At the point when you click on the “New draft,” at that point it will copy the post. Also, it will open the page in the post editorial manager. In this way, you can begin your work.

Thusly, you can deal with your old pages and posts.

We will likewise show you the customization system. Along these lines, you should continue perusing further.

Customization of copy page

The copy module permits customization, and you can likewise confine the client’s jobs. Besides, you can pick what to copy and what not to duplicate.

For that, you should go to the “settings.” After at that point, you should pick the copy module. Presently, you can fix settings of the copy module.

There will be three tabs in the module settings. The principal tab will empower you what to duplicate from the current page.

The subsequent tab will be the authorization tab. It will permit numerous parts to clients, for example, head and proofreader.

The third tab will be the showcase tab. It will permit you what to show on the copy page.

On the off chance that you utilize every one of the three tabs effectively, at that point you can make a copy page as indicated by your decision.


We have portrayed the method for copying a page in WordPress. Presently, you can follow the technique and use it on your WordPress site. Have a decent day.

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