Everything You Need To Know About The Genre Of A Fiction Book

December 14, 2022

Writing a best seller book is a dream of every author. It can give an author a status of an overnight celebrity with a huge fan following, but only a few people achieve this feat. For an author to achieve this feat, he or she must finish writing a book first, and for that he/she requires a genre for the book. Genre is one of the most important things that an author should think about before writing a book. Without considering the genre, the book might not sell or may end up as a flop.

Fiction genres for success as a writer is one way of classifying literary work. Many writers are scandalized by labels, the labels that are put on literary works. A typical case is that of those authors who make a show of being “unclassifiable”, more out of pedantry or caprice than out of literary conviction.

With this supposed rebellion they exclude themselves from the publishing market, whose basic rule is to classify each and every one of the books according to a literary genre.

Imagine that you get an interview to show your work to a publisher after months and months of calls and failed appointments. You go with the editor to his office, they serve you a coffee. You are nervous. Finally they ask you: “Well, what genre is your book?” and you have no idea what to answer because you have never asked yourself that question.

Then you start to babble that it is not an easy work to classify, that it has a bit of this and that, that you don’t like classifications…

That meeting will be a waste of everyone’s time, that editor and everyone else won’t take you seriously if you don’t know how to classify what you yourself have written.

Seek Help From an Expert

We know that it may not be easy for you to define the genre of the book you want to write or publish, but doing so is a necessary and very productive effort.
When you define the genre, you also discover the ideal reader, the one who will actually buy the book from you. To clearly identify the genre of a book is to accurately target the goal of obtaining many sales. In addition, it helps us overcome the dreaded writer’s block.

If you’ve made the wise decision to specify your book’s genre once and for all but don’t know how, a professional reading report or eBook writing services will give you all the help you need to do it and put you on the road to publishing success.

Characteristics of Literary Fiction

Fiction books are the realm of creation and imagination. So it is logical that fiction genres are in the process of permanent invention. There is always a book that inaugurates its genre that creates its own literary niche. Literary genres are not static. On the contrary, one of its characteristics is that they change over time.

Difference Between Fiction and Nonfiction

Nonfiction books are educational, informational, or outreach texts on a specific topic. In a nonfiction book, the author teaches the reader something about the world, about everyday life. There are highly practical non-fiction books that teach how to do a job, for example, being a writer. Others collect relevant data about an artistic discipline, a commercial activity, a hobby or a healthy practice. Some examples of this are numismatics, sculpture, sale of classic cars, yoga… The list never ends.

There are also non-fiction books that “ground” advanced knowledge on some difficult subject, such as astronomy, physics, object-oriented programming, etc., and explain it in simple language for the reader. Fiction books, on the other hand, consist mainly of the narration of one or more fictional, imaginary stories. In a fiction book the reader finds an aesthetic enjoyment, a delight in the beauty of the letters and the emotion of the story.


The genre of a fiction book is important to know when choosing what book to read. It can help you understand what kind of story you are getting yourself into and if it is something you will enjoy.

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